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We offer a wide selection of cars for any budget and any purposes. Our agents are happy to tell you where to go by car in the Dominican Republic, what to see, which route is the most interesting to take, where to buy souvenirs, find a petrol station, places to eat or even stay over the night. Moreover, right before you rent a car, our agents will give you instructions about specific traffic rules in the Dominican Republic.

We always rent a car with a full gasoline tank and full insurance! The rental price includes:

All taxes and liens

Free cancellation up to 24 hours before the rental date

No daily limit of miles traveled

Standard car-wash


Third Party Insurance

Collision Damage Waiver with the maximum liability limit

Please, find more details about standard and expanded insurance plans in FAQs.

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ID or international passport. The minimum age of a driver is 18 years. Driver’s licence issued in your country of residence. International driver’s licence is not needed, but it is required that all the information in the licence is introduced in Latin letters if the original information is written using a different alphabet. Credit card with the name of the driver.
We accept only $USD (the United States Dollars) and $DOP (Dominican Pesos). Payment methods: cash, Visa and Mastercard credit cards and others.
Third Party Insurance provides third- party liability insurance. The maximum coverage in case of damages to health and life of the affected parties and financial loss is $DOP 500 (approximately $USD 10,200) for each affected party. The maximum coverage of an insured event is $DOP 1,000,000 (approximately $USD 20,400). Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is damage insurance coverage for cases of a high financial liability limit for a renter.
We guarantee a class of vehicle ordered, type of gearbox and air- conditioner. We allow you to choose and order a car model on our website. If the car ordered by you is not available on the first day of rent, we provide you with a car of the same class or a higher class without additional charges.
The sum of the security deposit that will be blocked on your credit card before you get the car depends on the insurance plan chosen. It is $USD 650 by default. To reduce the sum, you should choose one of additional insurance options. The sum of the deposit will get available again on your credit card within 5-30 days, depending on your payment system and your bank. No confirmation of unblocked deposit is provided, since it is an automatic operation. The final cost of rent will be given only after you return the car. In cases of additional expenses, for example, for not full gasoline tank (unless you chose “Prepaid full tank” option), damages to a car not covered by your insurance plan, dirty car that requires extra car-wash services and other conditions, additional sum will be charged.
Places where you can pick up and return the car: You can pick up and return the car without extra delivery costs in our office in Punta Cana. We are located in the very center of the touristic area, within the same distance from all the hotels. You can come to our rent-a-car office on your own (on foot or by taxi).
You can choose the pick-up and return time convenient for you – from 8:30 a.m. until 8.3 p.m. Rental days are counted from the hour when you take the car. You can return the car at any time during working hours to the tech person in charge of receiving the vehicles. You can also leave the keys in a special safe-box. The car appears as rented by you within an hour after the return time stipulated in the rental agreement. After that, the car can be rented to other clients. If you return the car more than 30 minutes later, you pay extra for the time of delay. Please, inform our employee in advance about any changes of pick-up and return time.
The following services are available for extra charge: GPS navigator, Wi-Fi router with internet, child safety seat, transportation to a car-rental office in Punta Cana and back, expanded insurance options.
For extra daily charge, you can choose the following insurance options: 1) Top Cover (TC) $14/day. In case of insured event, the sum of financial liability is decreased by half. The deposit is also decreased by half. 2) Super Top Cover (STC) $24/day. Financial liability waiver/the sum of liability is decreased to the minimum in case of insured event. With this option, the security deposit amounts to only $USD 100 3) Tire and Windscreen Coverage (TW) $7/day. Insurance coverage of the windscreen and tires. This insurance option completely covers (without any liability limits) the damages to tires and wheel rim, as well as glass elements of a car: front, rear and side windscreen, mirrors and headlights, even in case of theft. If this option is not chosen, the renter is liable for all the costs of change/repair works of the elements damaged or lost. 4) Theft Protection (TP) $9/day. Insurance coverage for cases of theft. If this option is not chosen, in case of theft, the renter is liable for the entire cost of the vehicle rented. If this option is chosen, in case of theft, the renter covers only financial liability, which depends on the class of vehicle.
You can change information and data introduced into the order form up to 24 hours before you get the car for rent.