Surfing in the Dominican Republic on the Macaо beach

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individual lesson

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2 hours

Program for honeymooners SurfHoneymoon 2017


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Цена за двоих. Прекрасная возможность освоить серф вдвоем с вашей второй половинкой и получить видео с Love Story, а так же романтичные фото.


Excursion program

Start: 07:00     Duration: 2 hours

  • Trip from hotel to beach
  • Briefing with coach
  • Rental of surf equipment included
  • Training in water
  • Return trip to hotel

Description of the excursion

Surfing on Macao beach - a great opportunity to learn how to surf and spend some active time as well as to visit one of the most beautiful beaches of Bavaro area and Punta Cana.

Your instructor gives you training on land. Learn to work with the board and keep your balance as well as familiarize yourself with safety regulations. In the water, an instructor will assist you. After class, you will have the opportunity to relax on the beach.

Training lessons:

First level: an excursion to the world of surfing

One-day program

The purpose of the first introductory session is not to scare you. On the contrary, the foundation of our approach to learning is calm and relaxed from the very first day. Therefore, the first day we simplify everything. The main thing is to feel the euphoria when you catch your first wave.

This means that the board will be as large as possible for stability and waves as small as possible for simplicity. And, of course, our help in spreading out and catching waves – there is almost no need to row.

Before starting, of course, we will have detailed instruction on land so that on the water you can concentrate on the main goal – smiling while riding the crest of a wave

Second level: learning to turn and cut back. Board size reduced and ride lengths increase.

From two to four days.

Depending on the capabilities of students, learning to turn takes between one and four days. But riding along the waves - this is the transition to the next level: greater speed, more drive, more fun pictures and videos.

What's the idea? Did everyone study geometry at school? Now, recall that the square of the hypotenuse equals the sum of the squares of the legs. When you ride on a leg, you keep up with the hypotenuse, its that simple.

The third level. Eight-foot boards and the first serious swells. Five to ten days.

What could be better than the feeling of driving 2 meter waves? That's right - a wave of 3 meters and greater.

The purpose of the third level of the course - try swells of medium difficulty under our strict guidance. You will tour the world of Eskimo rolls, the correct way to sit on the board, the ability to read the waves and calculate their direction, positioning yourself and, of course, rowing. Welcome to the world of surf fitness.

Program for newlyweds – Surf Honeymoon 2017
What is included:
1) Personal Surf-program for two for a full day
2) dinner for two (fresh fish on the grill)
3) commemorative professional Surf-Love story video 
4) Top 10 frames on a display board for the couple

Advance notification required.

Forecast for wave heights can be viewed at:


What to take

Some spending money

Our advantages

  • Our groups are small so that you feel comfortable on the tours
  • Water on the bus is always included in the price
  • For our tours we try to choose those days, when there will be as few as possible other groups
  • We work with the most professional guides in Punta Cana so you can be sure that you will enjoy the excursion
  • The office staff is always available for tourists. You can contact us at any time before, during or after the tour
  • Insurance tour covers all of our tours

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