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Traditional relaxing massage


1 hour
Relaxing massage restores energy balance and harmony to the body, relaxes and re-energizes. It relieves muscle pain, tension and helps to remove toxins from the body

Intensive massage


1 hour
This massage can help you get rid of the localized accumulation of fat in the body in areas such as the stomach, legs and thighs. Then you will be able to get rid of toxins. It improves blood circulation and the digestive system. The massage is done in an intense rhythm which helps to reduce the level of fat in the body.

Anticellulite massage


1 hour
The massage technique is very effective in combating cellulite. Massage triggers the fragmentation of the cellulite molecule, thereby significantly reducing its formation

Aroma massage


1 hour
It is made with the help of aromatic and medicinal herbs wrapped in cloth. Handmade bags soaked in essential oils are heated by steam. The massage has a calming, moisturizing and detoxifying effect, improves blood circulation, lymph exchange and metabolism, and also relieves muscle tension and promotes physical and spiritual harmony.

Deep massage


1 hour
Deep tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that focuses on penetrating into deeper layers of muscles. It helps to relieve muscle stagnation and energy blocking. Relaxing massage saturates with oxygen and soothes every muscle.

Seaweed wrapping


1 hour
It helps general circulatory stimulation, elimination of toxins and softening of the skin. During the wrap, a head massage is performed.

Honey wrap


The wrapping with pure honey and almond oil is based on a ritual of ancient beauty. Natural materials contribute to the removal of dead cells and skin cleansing.

Lymphatic drainage massage


1 hour
This massage stimulates the lymphatic system by smooth movements in certain areas of the body in order to remove excess water from our body, eliminate stagnation of lymph nodes with the activation of the lymph nodes. This is an excellent alternative for preventing and alleviating diseases associated with fluid retention, such as poor blood circulation, leg swelling, and cellulite.

Massage with volcanic stones


Massage with volcanic stones relieves pain in muscles and perfectly relaxes. Hot stones have a magnificent effect on the body and open the flow of vital energy.

Spa under the moon


Enjoy a relaxing massage by the ocean under the moonlight. Your romantic evening will be accompanied with a basket of tropical fruit and a bottle of wine.


Excursion program

Start: on request     Duration: 1 hour

  • Transfer from the hotel to the spa salon
  • SPA according to the chosen program
  • Transfer to the hotel

Description of the excursion

If you want to relax completely and get new strength during your holiday in the Dominican Republic, then the “five-star” Acna Spa is just for you.

Different types of massages from relaxing to therapy techniques used in Chinese medicine.

And "only for romantic people" there is a special offer - a SPA on the beach under the moon. An evening full of pleasant sensations - an hour of relaxing massage on the beach of the Atlantic Ocean in the moonlight awaits you. Also you will be offered a plate of fresh tropical fruits and a bottle of delicious wine. We’ll let you in on a secret - it is a perfect gift for any occasion, be it a birthday or an anniversary . Besides, it's an amazing idea for a romantic date!

Terms of transfer from the hotel to the SPA salon should be checked with the consultant!

What to take

some spending money
A good mood

Our advantages

  • We do not bring our tourists to expensive souvenir shops.
  • The office staff is always available for tourists. You can contact us at any time before, during or after the tour
  • Insurance tour covers all of our tours
  • We work with the most professional Organizers in Punta Cana so you can be sure that you will enjoy the excursion

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