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Adult    whole day 75
Child (4-12 y.o.) 45
Infant (0-4 y.o.) 0

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Excursion program

Start: 6:30     Duration: whole day

  • Trip to the Paradise! Saona Island is famous for its white-sand beaches, palm forests and turquoise water of the Caribbean Sea!
  • A comfortable air-conditioned bus with an english-speaking guide departs from your hotel at approximately 06:30 a.m.
  • Arriving to the port of Bahyaibe from where the sea trip on a high speed boats starts.The boat has a sunshade that will protect you from sunburns.
  • First stop - breath taking Blue Lagoon with cristal water. Here you can find star fishes and relaxe in a warm witer while having some rum. (From October 2017, the Department of the Environment of the Dominican Republic prohibited taking starfish out of the water to preserve their population.)
  • Short trip to Saona Island. On the way you will have a chanse to see the strait of Catuano - the place where Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea meet each other.
  • Free time on Saona Island - you can relax in the palmas shadow, swim in the transparant water of Caribbean Sea, take a sunbath on a finest white sand or make wonderful pictures.
  • Lunch on the island: self-service meal, traditional Dominican food (pasta, rice, meet, salads, fruits). Drinks in a bar are all included in the price.
  • A trip on a big catamaran. Dominican music and dances of local beauties will accompany you on the board of the catamaran. Alcoholic and soft drinks are included.
  • Return to the port and then to Bavaro by bus.
  • Return to the hotel at approximately 19:00-20:00.
  • It is a marine excursion, and we recommend you to use waterproof cases for your gadgets. The company is not responsible for devices getting wet during the excursion.

What to take

Pills for motion sickness if necessary
Some spending money
A good mood!

Our advantages

  • We are the FIRST to come to the island and stay there alone for almost an hour!
  • We offer the best price on this excursion!
  • We stay for more than 3 hours on the island!
  • The price includes a delicious lunch and drinks!
  • We travel back on a spacious catamaran with drinks and animation!

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These were our long-awaited vacations and my friend and I were looking forward to our stay on the heavenly island with white sand and turquoise water! We heard a lot of positive reviews about and decided to check their website before the trip. There is much useful info on their webpage, btw. We liked the excursion to the Caribbean islands and contacted the consultant who gave us more details... more


I wanna say many thanks to for organizing an amazing excursion for us in Dominican Republic. It wasn’t my first time in the country and I already went to Saona before. The tour operator sold me a VIP excursion, although I can’t say it was VIP – actually, nothing special. That is why I did not want to go to Saona again, but my husband came to the Dominican Republic for the first time and wanted to go... more



The time of departure is stated in your ticket – it is the time of departure of the bus from the reception. You should come to the reception a bit earlier. If the tourists are coming late, the bus will be waiting for no more than 5 minutes after the time stated in the ticket.
You will go on excursion to Saona Island on a comfortable air-conditioned bus. We always leave a few empty seats in a bus just in case.
Saona Island Light excursion features two means of marine transport: you will travel on board a large catamaran as well as on a high-speed boat.
The catamaran is quite big and slow. A way to Saona Island on catamaran takes about 2 hours. You will have an opportunity to walk around the catamaran, use its open bar, bask in the sun and dance with animators. The high-speed boat is smaller and faster – a way to the island will take about 40-45 minutes. The boat also has a selection of drinks; however, you will be able to try them only during the stops.
Yes, guys, Saona does have snow-white sand and palm trees leaning towards the sea, just like in the promo of Bounty chocolate.
Saona Island is NOT uninhabited. It has several villages, a school, a church and even a turtle farm. Its inhabitants work mostly on private beaches, providing services to tourists, and you will surely see such workers who will offer you fresh coconuts, coconut and almond oil, and various small souvenirs. Do not forget to take some money with you!
Apart from private beaches, Saona also has wild beaches that are not popular among tourists because of numerous mosquitos! Private beach owners fumigate regularly so that you can sunbathe without being bothered. If you still want to see a wild beach, just have a walk along the coastline and, having passed some private beaches, you will surely find yourself on a wild beach!
The price of the excursion includes a lunch on Saona Island. You will be invited to tables in a palm shade, where you will be treated to chicken, meat, fish (not always), rice, pasta, fresh vegetables and fruit. It will be a self-service buffet. Besides, there is a bar on the island, where all is included so that you can drink any beverages, such as water, coffee, Coke, Sprite, beer and, of course, rum without limitations!
Our tourists stay on the island for no less than 3 hours. This time may vary depending on how long the catamaran will sail to the island (it depends on the wind) and how much time you will spend on taking photos with starfish in Blue Lagoon:)
Yes, on Saona Island there are toilets and a shower to wash your body after the sea. However, it is better to put on a bikini before the excursion, since there is no place to change clothes in the port, but you will start swimming in the sea before you come to the island:)
The excursion to Saona Island is not difficult at all, and our guests often take even babies who do not have a year yet! If your baby cannot walk yet, take a sling that will make it easier for you to move from one place to another. Anyway, the guide won’t leave you without attention and will always help you find a shade, give you a hand whenever you need support, as well as carry your baby if necessary.
We do not recommend this excursion to women who are more than 6 months pregnant. A high-speed boat is shaking back and forth on the way, and it is not a good experience for pregnant women. If you have any particular medical conditions, please consult with our agent about whether this excursion is appropriate for you.
The excursion to Saona Island includes a lot of time under the hot Caribbean sun. If you have a sunburn or do not want to get one, you can swim right in a t-shirt to protect your skin. Anyway, make sure to use sunscreen with a high SPF – the Caribbean sun is very hot!