Excursions in the Dominican Republic


Large tour operators rent expensive offices and contain a whole staff of employees who personally come to hotels and to tourists. We work through the Internet. We do not need to increase the price of excursions to cover the cost of hotel representatives or the maintenance of our own fleet. At the same time, the programs and quality of our excursions do not differ at all. When buying excursions from us, you pay only for the enjoyment.
The hotel guide is a hired employee whose salary directly depends on the number of tours sold. He doesn’t make anything if you buy an excursion from someone else. We sincerely advise you not to listen to anyone and do not overpay for excursions in the Dominican Republic.
Of course, yes. Moreover, all our tourists are additionally insured against accident by our own travel agency insurance. We are the official tour operator and we are responsible for every tourist.
We work on-line and with all tourists, we support communication through Viber or Whatsapp. This is very convenient because we can be in touch 24 hours a day. By phone we will advise you of the time of departure for the excursion and answer any questions as quickly as possible. In addition, if there are any misunderstandings, please write or call us - we will certainly help.
If you booked excursions but on arrival in the Dominican Republic discover that your hotel does not provide internet service, just go to the reception desk and show them our number. Calls from the reception desk of any hotel to local numbers are completely free. If for some reason you cannot call us, wait for a call from our consultant to your number. When booking excursions, tourists always tell us the date of arrival and the name of the hotel. If we don’t hear from you, we call the hotel and ask to connect with your room.
Unlike the Dominican tour operators, we do not take an advance payment for our excursions, except in unusual cases when we ourselves need to make an advance payment, for example, for renting a yacht. We trust you so most of the excursions can be paid for on the day of the tour, directly to your guide. This is very convenient because if you change your mind and cancel your trip, you do not lose anything. Just tell us by phone and the guide will not call on you and we will not have to return money to you. We like to have good relationships with all tourists.
The price of most tours includes alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. All group tours lasting more than 6 hour include lunch. The price for the Santo Domingo tour does not include alcoholic beverages. In the description of each excursion, you will find up-to-date information on what is included in the price of the tour.
Many excursions are held every day but some tours are held on a fixed schedule. Scroll down the page describing the excursion and you will find the nearest dates for this excursion.
The program of each excursion is listed in detail on the page describing the excursions. All programs are current and all tours are listed in chronological order along with prices. Excursions on our website are based on departure from the resort of Punta Cana - Bavaro. To find out about excursions departing from other resorts of Dominican Republic, check with our consultant.
For all day excursions, take with you a sun cream, a bottle of water and money for additional expenses. Scroll down the page describing the excursion. You will find a detailed list of things that you might need on a specific excursion.
Many tourists have been on excursions where guides bring them to souvenir shops where prices are much more expensive than in shops near their hotel. At these shops, the guides will insist that you buy souvenirs. Between 1 and 2 hours from the tour are spent on this unplanned shopping. Unlike many tour operators, we respect our customers and their freedom to choose where to buy souvenirs. We stop at shops only on those excursions where it is stipulated by the program and indicated in the description of the excursion. At the moment we only have one such excursion: a trip to Santo Domingo provides time for shopping in the capital.
None of our excursions require you to carry documents, even if the program involves a plane trip within the country. We do recommend that you carry a copy of your passport with you. It is better to leave the original document in the hotel safe. We advise you to take money for all excursions, even if the tour program does not involve shopping. On excursions, you may need money for tips, to buy some trifles from local merchants, to purchase services not included in the price of the excursion (photos in the dolphinarium, massage on Saona Island, a pack of local coffee on the ranch). In addition, although we guarantee full security for you, you should never exclude the possibility of unforeseen circumstances where you may need money.
Of course, yes. We understand that situations arise whereby you cannot go on an excursion you booked. Unlike tour operators, who almost never return money for tours purchased, you can cancel your reservation with us even on the day of the excursion.
First of all, do not panic. The Dominican Republic has a tropical climate which is characterized by frequent and short rains. As a rule, the rain ends as quickly as it starts and does not cause any problems during the excursion. In addition, the weather in the Dominican Republic is so amazing that a couple of hours' drive from the epicenter of the rain, most often the sun is shining brightly. If the rain is too strong, then for the sake of tourists’ safety, the authorities of the country officially prohibit excursions. Most often the prohibition concerns sea excursions. If this were to happen, we would definitely let you know by phone.
We try to do everything possible to shorten the time needed to gather tourists from their hotels. Sometimes for this we use a "helper vehicle" which calls at remote hotels and brings tourists to the excursion bus. Nevertheless, if you book a group excursion, it will be necessary to pick up other tourists.
First of all, check your ticket once again for the date and time of departure of the tour. Very often on vacation, tourists relax and confuse days. If everything is correct but there is no bus - contact your consultant by phone. He will quickly find out why the sightseeing bus has been delayed and will explain to you what to do.
This situation is almost impossible but if you suddenly find that you are behind the group, just stay where you are - the guide will find you. Our guides have extensive experience with tourists and are constantly counting the number of people in the group. You can be sure, without you, the bus is not going anywhere.
Some excursion programs include physical activity and are not recommended for pregnant women or the elderly. On the page with excursions not recommended for pregnant women, at the top of the page next to the price, there is a special red badge depicting a pregnant woman. It would be best to avoid these excursions if you are pregnant.
On the page describing each excursion, next to the price, there is an icon indicating the ages of children for which this excursion is suitable. On some tours you can go with children of all ages. On others, only children 12 and older are allowed. Be sure to pay attention to this icon. In any case, you know your children best and would be know if they would enjoy the excursion.
We would be extremely grateful if you left feedback about the work of our company. Your feedback helps us to become better and offer our customers even better service. You can leave your feedback on our website on the REVIEWS page, as well as on our company page on the Tripadvisor (Republica Pro) website.