Weather in the Dominican Republic by months

    In the Dominican Republic weather is quite unpredictable. In the morning the sun may be shining brightly but in 30 minutes, there could be a tropical downpour. In the evening, you may be dining under an again cloudless sky. On the other hand, during the year, temperature varies very little.

    But we live on the island and today we will tell you how the weather changes in the Dominican Republic by month.

    Weather in Dominican Republic

    Weather in Dominican Republic in January

    Late December-early January, the most popular time to visit the Dominican Republic. And it's not just because perhaps you want to spend the New Year holidays in the most exotic place under the palm trees.

    This is the time when the weather in the Dominican Republic is the most beautiful - the sun shines almost constantly, a gentle warm breeze blows in from the ocean and the temperature stays at around 27-28°C.

    During this period, it occasionally rains but these storms are hardly a problem - tropical storms in January are usually short-lived and very warm.

    Weather in Dominican Republic in Februrary

    Last month of winter – it’s the driest month of the year in the Dominican Republic. The air temperature during this time on average remains around 26°C to 28°C. The water temperature in the ocean also stays at about 26°C.

    Rainfall during this period is particularly light but that does not mean that the sky is cloudless. In the tropics, it is extremely rare to see the sky without a single cloud.

    It is believed that the ocean temperature in February is the coldest at 79 degrees but for visitors coming from up north, it's quite warm.


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    Weather in Dominican Republic in March

    In March, the dry season in the Dominican Republic continues - the perfect time for a holiday: still warm and dry, not hot although the air in the afternoon sometimes gets up to 28°C and the water in the sea - almost up to 26°C.

    The current is also weaker than in winter.
    The weather is ideal for swimming, excursions and outdoor activities.

    Weather in Dominican Republic in April

    April in considered the start of rainy season in the Dominican Republic. Rainfall in this month is not especially heavy but still, the skies during your holiday may be overcast. Sometimes rain can fall the whole day.

    If you suddenly have bad luck with the weather, we recommend an excursion to Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic. This area of the Dominican Republic receives the least rainfall of all.

    The average temperature in the Dominican Republic in April is slightly higher than in March - about 30°C by day and 24°C - 25°C at night. Water temperature rises to about + 27°C.

    Weather in Dominican Republic in May

    May brings real tropical storms but fortunately, most occur at night. It is also very rare to have a full day of clear weather. Warm winds can blow quite strong.

    The air becomes noticeably more humid - about 85% and the daytime temperature is still about 30°C, and the ocean has warmed up to 28°C.

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    Weather in Dominican Republic in June

    In June Dominican Republic weather and average temperatures are about the same as in May but there are more nice days. Day temperature is around 30°C, water - about 28°C.

    Officially, June marks the beginning of hurricane season in the Caribbean. However there is little reason for concern - in the Dominican Republic, real hurricanes are extremely rare.

    Weather in Dominican Republic in July

    In July, the Dominican Republic is often affected by tropical cyclones. And so the weather is unstable. Heavy rains, squalls, storms and significant pressure drops are quite common. It rains most often at night and early morning.

    Daytime temperature in July average about 30°C, and water about 28°C.

    Weather in Dominican Republic in August

    August - the hottest month in the Dominican Republic This month also receives the largest amount of rainfall. At night, thunderstorms are accompanied by beautiful lightning and loud thunder.

    In August, the average temperature is the highest, sometimes reaching 32°C. Humidity is also the highest.

    Weather in Dominican Republic in September

    In September the Dominican Republic most often sees typhoons and tropical storms. Although generally, no one will insure against such hazards at any time of the year. One more thing - hurricanes often fall on the western part of the island - the Republic of Haiti and the effect on the Dominican Republic is only in the form of prolonged rainfall.

    But if nothing like that happens in September, you can enjoy a wonderful holiday here. Dominican weather in September is wet, hot, with temperatures hitting 31°C, and the water warming up to 29°C.

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    Weather in Dominican Republic in October

    This is the month often preferred by travelers to the Dominican Republic. The weather is not as hot as summer and prices have not yet risen. It’s a great time to travel around the country on excursions getting to know its culture and traditions.

    Weather in October is stable. Precipitation is light and the temperature is about the same as in September, around 30°C, water 29°C.

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    Weather in Dominican Republic in November

    Weather in November contributes to a good holiday. It's the beginning of the high tourist season but storms and rain are still possible. Keep an eye on the weather forecasts - in recent years climate change on our planet leads to the fact that even in November in the Dominican Republic there may be long rainstorms.

    The average daily temperature is about 28°C but may reach 30°C however, the water temperature drops to 28°C.

    Weather in Dominican Republic in December

    December in the Dominican Republic – the most popular time and place in the world for a holiday. There is nowhere better during this period with such a warm sea and bright, festive sun.

    The temperature on the island during the day stays at around + 28-29°C and the water temperature at about 27°C. Heavy rains and winds in December are rare so you can be sure that your holiday will not be spoiled by the weather.

    However, a vacation in the Dominican Republic in December is pricey – between the Christmas and New Year holidays, hotels and airlines significantly raise prices for their services.

    We hope that this review "The weather in the Dominican Republic" will be useful when you get around to planning a trip to this wonderful country. We very much hope that your vacation in the Dominican Republic will be unforgettable with pleasant memories for a lifetime.

    If you still have more questions about the weather in the Dominican Republic, be sure to ask them in the comments to this article, and we'll get back to you.


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