The top tour in the Dominican Republic

    The most popular excursions in the Dominican Republic cover a small part of the natural wonders of the island but they are something every tourist should do.

    Dominican Republic - a wonderful country. On a small piece of land, nature has created a truly unique world with crystal clear lakes and waterfalls, tropical forests and sand dunes, mountains and mountain streams, deep caves and delightful gardens, white sand beaches and the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

    Tour Saona

    Saona Island - a small island located in the Eastern National Park Dominican Republic. Landscapes are really as if from an advertising poster- soft sand white as snow, palm trees hanging over the water, the sea with all its shades of blue and green.

    An excursion to Saona Island begins with a visit to a small village built in the style of 16th-century Italy called Altos De Chavon or the City of Artists.

    City of Artists – artfully designed. Construction of the city was completed in 1982 and since then, it is one of the most visited tourist attractions of the Dominican Republic. Within a small area you can see the amphitheater, the fountain and the Church of St. Stanislaus - a popular place for Hollywood celebrity weddings.

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    The next part of the tour takes place in the Caribbean. Traveling by boat to Saona Island takes about 40 minutes but on the way, tour groups make a must stop at the so-called Blue Lagoon - a vast shallow where, a meter below the surface, lay starfish basking in the sun. Here you can make beautiful pictures, go for a swim in the warm Caribbean Sea and enjoy a glass of Dominican rum cocktail.

    Upon arrival at the island of Saona tourists can immediately expect lunch under the palm trees amidst the sound of the surf. After eating you can relax, sip fresh coconut, enjoy a massage in the open air and make a lot of beautiful photos.

    Excursion to Saona Island has the honor of first place in the hit parade of excursions in the Dominican Republic! Here you can relax mind and body:)

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    Excursion to the Samana peninsula

    Samana Peninsula - this is one of the provinces in the east of the Dominican Republic. You will be captivated by nature here with the variety of species of plants and birds.

    Numerous ranches are scattered among the mountains of the peninsula and where locals are happy to meet tourist groups, organize a dinner for them Dominican style and take a horseback ride to the famous waterfall Limon.

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    On Samana Peninsula is located the famous nature reserve of Los Haitises - refuge for hundreds of pelicans and frigates. This picturesque location has been the backdrop for many Hollywood films because its natural scenery perfectly illustrates the adventures of pirates and the first conquerors of America.

    But the most vivid impressions can be had at Samana during the period from mid-January to mid-March - Giant Humpback Whales travel here to reproduce. Unbelievable, fantastic, enchanting animals. Looking at them, you begin to feel the power and might of the ocean.

    Everyone enjoys their excursion to the Samana peninsula - a little extreme, a little historical and truly an adventure!

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    Tour Santo Domingo

    Not all tourists know of the rich and interesting history of the Dominican Republic. But this is where all the events took place that we read about in the adventure novels of Robert Louis Stevenson and other "pirate" authors.

    Santo Domingo -the capital of the Dominican Republic and first city built by Europeans in the Americas. Here lived Christopher Columbus and from here Fernando Cortes went on to conquer Mexico. This was one of the largest slave markets. At the local port, Indians loaded Spanish ships with gold. The city was seized by the famous pirate Francis Drake.

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    During the excursion to Santo Domingo, you can take a walk in the amazing historical part of the city, travel from the Middle Ages to the present, see with your own eyes the first Cathedral of America, the first paved street of America and the house of the governor Diego Columbus, son of the famous explorer.

    In addition, the tour program includes a visit to the monument of the modern discoverer of America - Columbus Lighthouse as well as the great Wonderland Cave - one of the most beautiful and uniquely equipped caves in the Dominican Republic.


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    The above excursions in the Dominican Republic are considered the most interesting and most visited on the island. But this is only a small fraction of what can be seen in this country. Very soon we definitely will definitely be telling you about what else you can visit in the Dominican Republic. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them in the comments. We will definitely reply.


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