Trip Details


As a rule, a bus picks up tourists in the region at 7:00 in the morning and goes to Miches.
This trip takes about 2 hours and lets you enjoy the astonishingly varied scenery of the Dominican Republic.

Bay of Samana and Los Haitises Reserve

In Miches, tourists board a boat for a fascinating tour around the bay of Samana. The bay is located in the Los Haitises National Park where you can find many unique plants, animals and birds. Tree mangroves, frigate and pelican nests, mysterious caves with mysterious characters will impress even the most discerning traveler.

But from January to March, in the bay of Samana, one can observe a truly amazing spectacle: humpback whales mating game.

These enormous mammals swim here especially from Arctic waters to compete for desired locations as well as for breeding. So in addition to males invitingly waving their giant tails and fins, you can observe females playing with their calves.



The island of Cayo Levantado

In the Bay of Samana there are several small islands. The most famous of them is the island of Cayo Levantado which translates to rebellious or Rebellion island. According to legend, at one time, pirates inhabited this place and for a long time held out under siege, not surrendering to the Spanish authorities.

Part of the island is owned by the Barcelo hotel, however the rest of the territory is free and open to the public. By the way, the island is known for having been the place where the first advertising for Bacardi rum was created.

On the island you can swim, snack and taste exotic cocktails. If you are lucky, from the shore you can see a pod of dolphins or even whales - during mating season. They sometimes swim very close to the island. Overall, the place itself is very picturesque.


Visiting Dominican ranch

After relaxing on the island, you again board the boat. Passing the mysterious "bridge to nowhere", the boat quickly arrives at the Samana Peninsula. From there begins the next part of the journey.
On the bank you will need to transfer to the bus which will deliver you to one of the numerous and hospitable Dominican ranches. On the road, the real Dominican Republic will open up before your eyes: small colorful houses, kids playing near the road and unconcerned smiling residents imposingly seated on chairs near the houses.

At the ranch you are welcomed by friendly hosts and offered a treat - dishes of national Dominican cuisine, real Creole chocolate, and maybe tropical fruits grown in these parts.
As a rule, at the ranch, there are small shops with authentic products where you can buy the most natural coffee, cocoa, oil and all kinds of cigars.

After lunch, prepare for the trip to the waterfall because you will be going there on horseback. The ranch offers all guests a change into rubber boots. It is best to take advantage of this offer to keep one’s own shoes intact. The trail to the waterfall goes through the rainforest where often there is precipitation. From time to time a spray of mud flies out from under the hooves of the horses and here rubber boots can be very useful.

By the way, a word about precipitation. Samana is the wettest region of the country and rainstorms are not unusual. So, it is recommended that you bring rain gear with you.

At the same time, such a humid climate affects the appearance of nature: here you will see thick, lush vegetation, sharply different from that which can be seen near the hotel.

Remember to bring a bathing suit because swimming under the most famous waterfall of the Dominican Republic is an unforgettable experience.

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In general, with proper equipment, you can ride a horse! Even if this is all new to you, you should not be afraid of horse riding. The horses are all calm, quiet, small, and look more like mules. In addition, each traveler is accompanied by a guide that monitors safety and strongly encourages the rider.

Some guides even arrange small tours to point out what grows there. The trail lies among the thickets of cocoa, coffee, mango, papaya, banana, passion fruit and other exotic trees in this fertile land.

Of course, for all their efforts, guides expect a tip, inasmuch as they are not paid. Usually they receive tips of between $5 and $15 given during the return to the ranch.

Waterfall El Limon

Horseback is the best way to get to the waterfall. The ride will take 30-40 minutes. For comparison, hikers usually spend at least three hours and require additional equipment and special shoes.

Upon reaching the place, guides help you dismount from your horse and tie it up in a special "parking lot." Stairs lead to the foot of the waterfall. The descent is easy but the climb back up naturally more difficult.

Near the stairs is a little shop with various trinkets and water which will surely be useful on the ride back. So be sure to bring a little cash with you.

Having walked down the stairs, you will find yourself at the foot of the waterfall El Limon and you understand that you’ve come all this way for good reason.

You could probably watch forever these brilliant jets of water sparkling in the sun while surrounded by tropical greenery. The waterfall is about 50 meters high and its volume depends on the season and the amount of precipitation.


After such an active day swimming in the lake at the foot of the waterfall is the best way to refresh yourself and renew your energy. The water is not too cool so swimming in the small lake is a pleasure! And if you dive under the jets of water, you'll find lovely grotto.

Even guides who are here every day are happy to swim and even dive from high ledges to the amazement of the spectators.

You may admire these brave guys but don’t try this yourself because the bottom is very rocky and the water is not very deep.

After bathing, you can change clothes and with renewed energy head back. The way back, of course, will be less exciting but no less fascinating.

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Useful tips:

1. Bring a towel, bathing suit, sunscreen, hat, and something in case of rain. Better safe than wet.
2. An additional set of clothes would not hurt.
3. Another small but important detail is socks. You'll need them when the time comes to change from shoes into rubber boots. However, they can be purchased at the ranch for $3 to $5.
4. Take care to bring some smaller denomination currency to cover some small expenses: a tip for the guide, a bottle of water, and other little things.
5. During the boat ride, be careful and cautious with technology: the bay contains salt water and even a small drop can cause irreparable damage to the gadget.
This is about all a traveler needs to know to head out to explore the province of Samana.

As for the cost, the price of such a trip ranges from $ 100 to $ 150, depending on the program plan.

Enjoy your vacation and new discoveries!