Dominican Rum

    Rum has been popular in the Dominican Republic since pirate times. True connoisseurs of this drink know that Dominican rum is considered the best in the world. We'll help you sort out the pricing and variety of brands of this drink as well as restrictions on the export of rum from the country

    Ром Доминиканы


    Sugar cane, the main raw material for production of rum, is abundant in the Dominican Republic.

    Here is an interesting fact: rum is actually a by-product of the sugar-extraction process in which huge plantations cultivate sugar cane. In the process of processing cane juice for sugar, a large amount of molasses remains. It is allowed to ferment and then distilled.

    The finished product is distilled, eliminating fusel alcohol and harmful impurities to produce rum alcohol. Alcohol is diluted with water to the strength of 37-38%, although sometimes there are brands of rum with strength of up to 75%. Diluted alcohol is in fact the cheapest type of rum. It is absolutely transparent like vodka and doesn’t have a pronounced flavor.

    However, seasoned rum enjoys popularity in the Dominican Republic. The drink is aged in oak barrels and the longer the period of its aging, the more intense the taste and color and accordingly, is more highly valued. Dominicans also like to add various ingredients to the drink: cinnamon, vanilla, spices, pineapple juice, grapes or other fruit. This rum is also quite popular not only among the local population but also tourists.




    There exists a great number of rum brands. We will tell you about the most common:

    • Blanco (Blanco) Rum - light rum. This drink has no aging and no clear taste differences. As a rule, it is used for making rum cocktails such as Cuba Libre, Mojito, Pina Colada, Daiquiri and many others. The cost of white rum on average is 5-10 dollars per bottle
    • Dorado Rum (Dorado) - The Golden Rum. Usually has an aging of not more than two years. It is distinguished by a light and sweet taste as well as a golden shade. Cost: 5-10 USD per bottle

    • • Aniejo (añejo) Rum - Old rum. This drink is aged in barrels for 5 years. It is more dense and rich in taste and dark in color. Cost: 10-20 USD per bottle.

    •   Extra Viejo Rum (Extra Viejo) – is very old rum. It has aging of 5 to 8 years, dark color and a rich and vivid taste. Cost: 15 - 40 USD per bottle.

    Drinks with an aging of more than 10 years are classified as premium. Each manufacturer has such brands of rum, the cost of which can reach up to several hundred dollars per bottle with a volume of 0.5 liters.


    In the Dominican Republic, rum is sold literally in every shop. For the best prices, you should make your purchases at large supermarkets or directly at the manufacturer's factory. There is only one disadvantage: in supermarkets you will not be met by a friendly consultant who could help you choose among a huge variety of brands.

    In the Dominican Republic there are also many large and small souvenir shops selling Rum brands most popular among tourists. The prices here are slightly more expensive than in supermarkets. Souvenir shops are located near the hotels or book a free transfer. You will always be given a chance to have a taste to help you make your choice.


    The largest producers of Dominican Republic rum are:

    • Barcelo

    • Brugal

    • Bermudez

    • Oliver

    The most exported brands are Brugal and Barceló. But other manufacturers are worthy of attention. Let's talk about them in more detail.



    Brugal Company exists since 1888 and today is the third largest producer of rum in the world. Brugal represents a rich variety of rum brands having affordable prices.

    Perhaps the most exclusive drinks of this manufacturer are Brugal Siglo de Oro,a 12-year-old rum whose creation was timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the company as well as Brugal Unico – a rum aged 30-years that has a unique and exquisite taste.

    We also recommend you to examine Brugal 1888. The uniqueness of this drink lies in the fact that it has been aged for 8 years in American oak barrels in which bourbon was kept for some time and then aged for 6 years in barrels of European oak in which they aged sherry.

    In the north of the island in Puerto Plata there is Brugal Factory which you can visit and get to know all the details of the production of rum and purchase bottles at a good price.


    The company "Barceló & Co" was founded in 1930 in the city of Santo Domingo. Its products are popular both in the Dominican Republic itself and in more than 50 countries. Drinks of this manufacturer have excellent taste and flavor.

    Rum Barcelo Imperial ("Ron Barceló Imperial") aged 10 years appeared on the market in 1980 and since then, has been the most popular rum in the Dominican Republic. At international competitions in 2000 and 2001, the drink was recognized as the "Best Rum in the World". Barceló Imperial Premium blend is a drink of the highest category. This rum is aged twice: first in old barrels of white American oak where Imperial rum was aged and then in French oak barrels with different degrees of roasting. The rum has won many awards at various international competitions.

    Ром Барсело (Barceló)

    ром Доминиканы


    This is perhaps the oldest producer of rum in the Dominican Republic. The company has existed since 1852 and today has grown to a global corporation of global scale. The most refined drinks are Bermudez Aniversario – rum of the highest quality which has a mild taste and the finest bouquet: almonds, dark chocolate, raisins; as well as Don Armando - rum with 10-year aging which has a rich and noble taste.


    Although Oliver rum has only recently been on the market but has already earned an excellent reputation due to the fact that it produces drinks with a pleasant, sweet and mild flavor. We advise you to try something from the Opthimus line ranging from 12 to 25 years of aging. Or taste the rum Punta Cana Black – it is a special dark rum, aged for from 12 to 15 years in barrels where wine was kept.

    In the blend, there are different brands of rum from different countries of the Caribbean. The drink has an alcohol volume of 34% and a unique self-sufficient taste which makes it perfectly suited for pure consumption.

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    Rum - it is the most popular and most pleasant souvenir from the Dominican Republic. A bottle of good old rum will surely please your friends. However, when buying rum as a gift, remember that you can take no more than 5 liters of Rum per person from the Dominican Republic.

    Enjoy the magnificent Dominican rum and do not forget: alcohol in small doses is harmless in any quantities.

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