12 resorts of the Dominicana and how they differ

    So you would like to select a resort in the Dominican Republic that’s right for you. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We promise that by the time you get finished reading these descriptions, you will have no questions or doubts about what’s the best resort in the Dominican Republic for you.

    First of all - the map of resorts. You can see that resorts in the Dominican Republic can be divided into 2 categories: those on the Atlantic coast, and those on the Caribbean Sea. 

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    Dominican resorts on the Atlantic Ocean

    1. Punta Cana


    The resort is located on the farthest eastern point of the Dominican Republic, not far from the Punta Cana international airport.


    Magnificent beaches with soft, white sand and palm groves inspired foreign investors to turn wild jungles into a tourist paradise.

    It is in Puta cana that the best five-star hotels offering the “all-inclusive” system are concentrated. On the vast territories of these hotels, everything is provided:restaurants, bars, swimming pools, entertainment, discos, and, of course, beaches equipped with comfortable lounges. You will want for nothing.


    Punta Cana resorts can satisfy travelers with a wide variety of requests. There are hotels for families with children, young people, people seeking active recreation and honeymooners.


    • In Punta Cana, you will find a wide variety of active entertainment: fishing, diving, surfing, adventure parks, dolfinariums, jeep safaris, and much more.

    • Nightlife lovers will never be bored in Punta Cana. Enjoy cocktails in the bars or dance the night away to Latin rhythms in the discos. Or maybe try your luck in the casino.

    2. Bavaro


    The resort is located 15 miles from the international airport and is, for the most part, an extention of the Punta Cana Resort.


    In addition to the most picturesque beaches, Bavaro has other attractions: 3 national parks with unique vegetation, caves, lagoons. Among the 30 hotel complexes at the resort are hotels intended for families and other hotels intended for adults.

     Bavaro has good infrastructure. There are hospitals, banks, pharmacies, stores, bars and restaurants.


    The resort is perfect for families with children. A coral reef keeps out strong waves and there are no sudden drop-offs when entering the water.

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    3. Cap Cana


    Cap Cana is a 7 minute drive from the international airport at Punta Cana.


    This resort is relatively new and offers its visitors a luxurious holiday. It’s pricey and not for everyone but, nevertheless, Cap Kana is popular, especially among wealthy tourists demanding VIP service.

    Here you can relax in a spacious bungalow with its own entrance onto the ocean beach or enjoy the sauna, Jacuzzi or other luxury accoutrements.


    • One of the founders of this resort is the current President of the United States, Donald Trump.
    • In Cap Cana is Juanio Beach, one of the most beautiful in the world.

    • On the picturesque bay on the territory of the resort is a small marina for yachts.

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    Photographer Irina Kusrashvili

    1. Uvero Alto


    The resort is located a bit farther from the Punta Kana airport then the Punta Kana and Bavaro resorts but the drive from the airport will take no more than 45 minutes.


    This also is a relatively new resort as construction of was started just 15 years ago. It is very popular with newlyweds and couples in love. You can always slip off to one of the wild beaches.


    Unlike its neighboring resorts, the sand at Uvero Alto is not pearly white but has a golden hue.

    There are good conditions for windsurfing and the absence of a coral reef provides good waves for surfing.

    5. Puerto Plata


    The resort is located on the central part of the northern coast of the Dominican Republic. The city is not far from the international airport.


    The Playa Dorada resort complex is located a few miles from the city and includes 13 hotels, numerous bars, restaurants, discos and casinos.

    The hotels here are not the newest but the cost for a stay in Puerta Plata is very reasonable.

    From any hotel, you can easily get to the city where you can find plenty of attractions including the Old Fort, the picturesque promenade and the Statue of Christ, (a copy of the original in Rio de Janeiro) set atop Mount Isabel de Torres.


    • Puerto Plata is often called the Amber Coast because the area around the city is rich in deposits of various types of this sun stone, including the unique blue amber that you will not find anywhere else in the world.

    • In Puerto Plata, you can take the country’s only cable car to Mount Isabel de Torres where breathtaking views of the city and Atlantic Ocean await you.

    6. Cabarete


    Cabarete is on the north coast, east of Puerto Plata. The trip from Puerto Plata airport takes about 20 minutes.


    If you are looking for a resort with activities for young people, then head to Cabarete. Cabarete is rated as one of the top ten resorts for active recreation lovers. Young people from all over the world come here for golf, windsurfing, kitesurfing, diving, tennis and horseback riding, as well as to plunge into the vibrant nightlife of the city.


    • Cabarete – A Mecca for surfers. Every year the World Windsurfing Championship is held here, as well as Cabarete Race Week in which the best windsurfers of the world participate.
    • A string of bars and nightlife stretches along the coast where the fun of does not cease until morning.

    1. Sosúa


    Sosua is located on a quiet, tranquil bay on the north coast of the island, between the cities of Puerto Plata and Cabarete, just 4 miles from the local international airport.


    On the western part of the bay is located Los Charmicos beach, famous for its cockfighting. And on the east side is the El Batey region, founded by Jews fleeing to the island during the Second World War. It is in this area that the main hotels are located.

    In the vicinity of Sosua, you will find many natural attractions: coves, mountains, caves, as well as a nature reserve with 27 waterfalls. It’s sure to appeal to adventure seekers.


    In Sosua is the largest settlement of the Jewish diaspora in Dominican Republic, as well as the only synagogue in the country and a museum dedicated to the fight against Nazism 

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    8. Samana


    The resort is located on the territory of Samana peninsula and is four hours from Puerto Plata and five hours from Santo Domingo.


    The province of Samana is one of the most picturesque regions of the Dominican Republic. Due to the peculiarities of the climate, one can observe here an endless variety tropical vegetation.

    The most interesting plant species as well as unique species of birds can be seen by visiting the LosHaitises National Reserve. The Cordillera mountain ridge crosses the peninsula from east to west, forming a boundary between the resort area of Samana and the rest of the island.


    Here you can enjoy a quiet and secluded vacation surrounded by beautiful Dominican nature.


    • Each year, from January to March, pods of humpback whales make the trip to Samana Bay to perform mating rituals in the warm waters of the bay. Do not miss this spectacular sight!

    • Only on Samana will you have an opportunity to visit a real pirate island - Cayo Levantado, where pirates once fought over treasure. These days, the island is just a paradise on earth.

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    Resorts on the Carribean Sea

    9. La Romana


    The resort is located on the south coast of the island, approximately an equal distance from the capital and the Punta Cana resort. The trip from the international airport of Punta Cana takes about 90 minutes.


    This resort is perfect for families with children as well as for a romantic getaway. Next to La Romana, there is a small fishing village called Bayahibe, from where you can travel to the islands of the Eastern National Reserve and visit Saona, Catalanita or Catalina. There you can rent a yacht and for a boat trip along the coast.

    In La Romana are concentrated mostly five-star hotels but judging by the reviews, the service in them is somewhat inferior to the hotels in Bavaro and Punta Cana. But it is possible to be attracted to this resort by the lower prices.


     • La Romana has a cruise port from which cruise liners traverse the Caribbean.
    • The resort offers excellent conditions for diving and you will find many interesting diving locations. Coral reefs and sunken ships have become a habitat for many fish and other amazing underwater creatures.

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    10. Juan Dolio


    Juan Dolio is located on the south coast, 30 miles from the city of Santo Domingo and 12 miles from Las Americas international airport.


    This resort is perfect for those seeking peace and quiet, as well as for those who like active recreation. In Juan Dolio, you can go snorkeling, diving, or fishing. Here are 3 and 4 star hotels, as well as many restaurants of local and European cuisine.


    • This place is sure to please independent travelers - because from Juan Dolio, you can easily reach any point on the island.

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    11. Boka Chika


    The Boca Chica resort lies just beyond Juan Dolio and is only 18 miles from the capital. It’s located in a shallow lagoon and is well protected from strong waves by a coral reef.


    The resort of Boca Chica is famous for its magnificent beaches and is popular with both foreign tourists and Dominican residents of the capital.

    This explains the average level of service in hotels but also reasonable prices. While on vacation at this resort, you have a great opportunity to go water skiing, sailing, windsurfing and diving.


    • Near Boca Chiki there are several islands: the most popular are the islands of La Matica and Los Pinos.
    • Near the beach there is a small marina
    • Close proximity to the capital allows you to make daily trips to enjoy the sights, entertainment and shopping of this large metropolis.


    12. Casa de Campo



    The resort lies in the south-east of the Dominican Republic in the province of La Romana.


    Casa de Campo is one of the top ten resorts in the world. Hollywood stars, world famous political figures, oligarchs and many other of the world’s movers and shakers vacation here. Ordinary mortals can also join this luxury by renting a villa or room in the single hotel resort. The huge territory of the complex includes a seaport, golf and polo fields, a yacht club, a hotel, villas, swimming pools, restaurants, bars, a helicopter pad, a horse ranch and even a private airport.


    • One of the founders and residents of the Casa de Campo is Julio Iglesias
    • On the territory of the complex is the famous City of Artists - Altos de Chavon. This miniature town is made in the spirit of the Middle Ages and created in the style of the first European cities in the New World. Be sure to visit it if you are in the Dominican Republic. You can stroll along cozy streets, visit interesting museums and workshops, and enjoy stunning views of the Chavon River valley.

    As you can see, the Dominican Republic has an abundance of the most diverse vacation resorts. Here everyone will find a place to their liking. Come and enjoy the resorts of Dominican Republic. We are sure that none of them will disappoint you!


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