All you need to know about the Dominican drink Mama Juana: ingredients, recipe, properties

    As you know, every nation has its own national drink. For the Dominican Republic, this drink is Mama Juana.

    One of the legends tells of a certain Juan who was very weak and sick until his mother cooked a magic drink based on Dominican healing herbs.

    This tincture so invigorated Juan that he not only was healed but soon also married and later produced as many as 15 children!

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    Mama Juana: ingredients:

    The drink is created from fragments of various medicinal plants growing on the island: pieces of wood, bark, leaves, and spices.
    Here are some of them:

    • Agave
    • Anis
    • Bitter ginger
    • Carnation
    • Rosemary
    • Melissa
    • Lime
    • Fragrant pepper
    • Clove pepper
    • The stem of coconut palms
    • Cat claw

    And many other medicinal plants. On average, 7 to 20 components are used. 

    All of them can be included but as for the actual process of making Mama Juana, there are a great many recipes. Therefore, wherever you try this drink, it will always taste different.

    Every Dominican has his own recipe for Mama Juana, some special ingredient that he adds to the tincture. However, there is the most common way of preparing a magical tincture.

    The Recipe for Mama Juana

    Dry ingredients should be placed in a glass container, pour in any red wine and put it in a dark place. This is done so that the wine absorbs all the bitterness of medicinal herbs.

    Then, after a week, the wine should be drained and then it is possible to start preparing the actual Mama Juana.
    To do this, again, you will need red wine, as well as rum and some honey.

    The proportions are as follows:

    • 70% red wine
    • 30% rum
    • 2-3 tablespoons of honey

    Let the mixture brew for several days or longer. That's all, the drink is ready.

    It must be said that Mama Juana is the liqueur tincture. Dry ingredients can be poured many times. And it is not necessary to use rum and red wine every time. You can change both proportions and components. Any strong drink is suitable for making tinctures: whiskey, vodka, cognac, moonshine.

    It is believed that you can continue adding your favorite liquor or wine to the drink until the ingredients have blackened. As a rule, this will not happen before a year. When that happens, there will be good reason to return to the Dominican Republic: for the next portion of Mama Juana.

    Mama Juana can be bought both in the form of a dry base for the preparation of the drink and in the form of ready-to-use tincture. The average package with the roots will cost 5-10 dollars and already prepared Mama Juana will cost from $10 to $35.

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    How to Drink Mama Juana?

    As for the best way to drink Mama Juana, it is recommended to drink in small doses, no more than a shot glass sized serving. It can be added to various drinks: juices, tea, cocktails, especially if you want to give the drink a pleasant spicy flavor.

    In any case, the main thing here is to take a small amount. With Mama Juana it is not necessary to take a lot because, first and foremost, it is a healing drink which most often is used as a medicine or for the prevention of various diseases.

    Healing Properties of Mama Juana

    Mama Juana is not only delicious but also a very useful drink.
    The spectrum of uses of Mama Juana is very wide:

    • to strengthen immunity
    • as an antiviral agent
    • with nervous and physical exhaustion
    • treats colds: cough, runny nose, sore throat
    • improves blood circulation
    • establishes metabolism
    • has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action
    • effective for headache
    • has a tonic effect
    • helps to cope with acclimatization
    • increases the potency

    Thanks to its properties as an aphrodisiac, both for men and women, Mama Juana has become popular in the Dominican Republic and beyond. Some Dominicans even joke that the abundance of children in their families is just another benefit of Mama Juana.

    Drink Mama Juana, love each other and stay well!

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