5 Simple Steps to Lose Weight for your Vacation

    In summertime, you want to put away all your warm clothes, put on a summer outfit and head to the beach. But how do you get rid of the extra pounds that you have been trying to lose since winter? We will show you how to lose weight quickly and efficiently. 

    Start preparing for your vacation at least a month ahead of time. Figure out how much time you have left before the date of departure and create for yourself a weight loss schedule.

    Step 1. Cleanse your system

    Removing toxins from your system is extremely useful and not just for keeping trim. It has a health-giving effect on the body. In addition, summer is the time for fresh fruits and vitamins which simply are not absorbed if your body is not in good form.

    How to cleanse your system?

    • In the morning, on an empty stomach, drink herbal tea - with raspberries, linden, chamomile, birch leaves or thyme.
    • During the day, drink plenty of still water
    • Try to visit a sauna 2-3 times a week
    • Eat rice. It is a wonderful absorbent that will remove excess moisture and toxins from the body
    • Plan a fasting day every week


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    Step 2. watch your nutrion

    • First of all, exclude from your diet baked goods, marinades, canned food, ready-to-cook products, fried and fatty foods and sweets. Try to cook everything in the oven that you used to cook in a frying pan - this will help to reduce the caloric content of food.
    • Download from the Internet an example of a menu in which the ratio of fats, proteins and carbohydrates will be P 40: F30: C30. Increasing the amount of protein will help you quickly lose weight. However, you can stay on such a diet for no more than 4 weeks. On a normal diet, the amount of protein should be about 30%.
    • Do not let yourself feel hungry. If you eat often and eat small portions, you will lose weight without too much trouble.
    • Try to limit the use of salt which prevents the removal of excess fluid from the body.
    • In most people, metabolism is most active between 6:00 in the morning and 6:00 in the evening. So, try to consume 80% of food in the first half of the day.

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    Step 3. Physical activity

    Yes, you cannot do without it. If you do not want to wrap yourself in an old-fashioned sarong while in the Dominican Republic and look enviously at the neighbor's toned body on the beach, force yourself, at last, to get off the couch. Toned bodies belong only to active people. Choose the kind of sport that you will enjoy:

    • daily morning workout
    • walking, jogging
    • bicycle riding
    • scandinavian walking
    • gym, strength exercises
    • shaping, aerobics, aqua aerobics
    • swimming

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    Syep 4. Massage

    To enhance the effect of working out and proper nutrition, go for a massage. For weight loss, the following types of massage are especially useful:

    • modeling
    • lymph drainage
    • anti-cellulite
    • hydro-massage

    An intensive course of one of these types of massage can transform you after just a week of daily routines. If you think the massages are not enough, add wraps - the effect will be much more noticeable.

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    If you have 4 weeks time and your budget allows it, contact a beauty center or clinic that offers a full-fledged slimming program. Usually such a program includes:

    • medical examination
    • development of an individual nutrition program
    • sports training
    • cosmetic procedures (massages, wraps, thermal treatments, etc.)

    It is not inexpensive but the results are worth it.



    Step 5. Cosmetic procedures

    In the fight to stay slim, do not forget about skin care. Here's what will help you make it smooth and tight:

    • baths for weight loss (lime, birch, acetic, salt, with green tea or essential oils, and many others)
    • wraps for weight loss (oils or with honey and milk)
    • scrubs
    • cold and hot showers
    • use of oils and creams with anti-cellulite and toning effect


    If you still have doubts about your willpower, hang this photo on the mirror - your photos from the Dominican Republic will be even better. That’s the main goal!


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    Photograph: Elisaveta Braginskaya

    Republica Pro 

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