La Romana touristic area in the Dominican Republic: airport, hotels, tips

    La Romana is not only a province of the Dominican Republic, but also an airport, a city where the airport is situated, and a place where commercial production of rum started. The name of this province is associated with so many remarkable things! We will try to tell you about them in this article.
    The city of La Romana has the population of 130 thousand people, which seems quite low for us.

    However, the Dominican Republic is not as big as, for example, the United States, and obviously, features different vision of what is big or small in relation to population. That is why La Romana is considered quite a big touristic city being the third by size in the country after the capital city of Santo Domingo and the “cultural capital” – Santiago.

    La Romana Dominicana

    The city is quite old: its construction started about 500 years ago. Unfortunately, throughout this period, the city has not obtained any undoubtedly interesting architectural heritage, unlike Santo Domingo, for example. However, it does not mean that a curious tourist has nothing to do in La Romana.

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    As it was mentioned before, La Romana is a touristic city. It features excellent conditions for pastime on the beach, modern infrastructure for any water sports, as well as various nice places almost of any format. In other words, here you will surely find what to do, where to have dinner, have a drink or dance.


    Where is it?

    Let’s start with the first thing any tourist is curious about – geographic location. On the map of the Dominican Republic, La Romana can be seen closer to the eastern part of the country, on the southern coast of the island. To the south from the coastline, there are two islands – Saona and Catalina – that also form part of the province.

    La Romana Dominicana

    Situated on the very coast of the Caribbean Sea, La Romana is an independent and large city: many people come here on vacation not only from other countries, but also from other regions of the Dominican Republic. La Romana is quite popular because of its perfectly developed infrastructure.
    Its geographic location also determines its climate: La Romana always boasts excellent weather ideal for beach time. Apart from luxurious beaches, there are many water sport training clubs open both for beginners and advanced sport lovers. Diving, snorkeling, and yacht and boat trips are especially popular.

    The most famous beach in La Romana is called La Caleta: it continuously attracts Dominican residents from other provinces, which means that the place is highly recommended. Obviously, the Dominicans who know each corner of their native land would not spend their time on a bad beach.

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    Already here?

    Another factor important for any tourist is available means of transportation. La Romana has no problems with it, be sure.
    The city has one of the largest international airports of the country – the international airport of La Romana built in 2000. It handles international and domestic flights of 13 airlines: from here, many European tourists start exploring the Dominican Republic.

    Besides, La Romana boasts a port with luxurious yachts that can be rented to enjoy a leisure boat ride in the Caribbean Sea. The port of La Romana sometimes welcomes huge cruise ships travelling around the Caribbean islands.

    La Romana Dominicana

    There are several means of travelling to La Romana from other regions of the country. First, you can have a domestic flight from one of the airports; however, this option is the most expensive. Second, you can order a taxi that is less expensive, but not budget-friendly if you stay far from La Romana.

    The most cost-effective option is travelling by public transport and get on an interurban bus - they are quite comfortable in the Dominican Republic. A trip from La Romana to Punta Cana, for example, will take about an hour. The same is for the trip to the capital.

    If you are not eager to have long trips, use services of touristic companies that will offer you excursions to attractive places not far from the city. The most popular destinations are the Eastern National Park, Saona and Catalina Islands, as well as the great Chavón River and the City of Artists.

    Hotels in la romana, the dominican republic

    No matter where you go, you need to find accommodation. Where to stay for vacation? Let’s look into available lodging in La Romana.
    Since La Romana is a touristic city, most hotels are located very close to the beaches where all entertaining and touristic activities take place. As a rule, tourists appreciate the service of local employees of the touristic industry, no matter if they stay at a modest hostel or a luxurious hotel. La Romana features both options.

    Casa de Campo

    One of the most luxurious touristic complexes of La Romana is Casa de Campo (literally from Spanish – “country house”). Despite its modest name, it is not just a recreational area, but a huge luxurious gated complex well separated from everything around it. Nevertheless, it is located just in four kilometers from the city center!
    On the territory of Casa de Campo, there are villas of such famous people as Shakira, Sting, Julio Iglesias, Ilya Lagutenko, Mikhail Baryshnikov and others.
    The complex is also famous for its great gold fields, villas, swimming pools, amphitheater in Greek style and elite yacht club.

    La Romana Dominicana


    Equally impressive five-star hotel Iberostar Hacienda Dominicus is also famous among tourists. Many guests of this hotel say that although they are not accustomed to returning to the same hotel for the second time, they want to be back to this luxurious resort again. Located on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, this hotel features sophisticated architecture. Besides, its interior is also stunning.


    Another hotel on the coast is Dreams Dominicus La Romana – and its name speaks for itself. This place features everything any tourist visiting the Dominican Republic dreams about: a good access to the sea, a private swimming pool and an excellent SPA complex.


    Be Live Collection Canoa hotel has a lower rating, but tourists’ reviews demonstrate a high quality of its services. It is a quiet hotel with an impressive view over the park, offering its guests not only a quiet atmosphere created by the Dominican nature, but also an active nightlife in its own bar.


    Finally, Grand Bahia Principe La Romana, located on the sandy coast among large Dominican palm trees, will certainly become a perfect place for you to feel the exotic atmosphere of the Caribbean. Here you can have a rest in a comfortable chaise longue, sip a tropical cocktail, and believe that the paradise on earth really exists.

    We are sure that no matter which accommodation you choose for your vacation, your stay in La Romana will bring you only the most pleasant memories for a long time.


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