Fishing in the Dominican Republic

    Catching a big fish is the favorite activity of many tourists. The Dominican Republic borders the Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea and is among the top five fishing areas in the world. How is fishing organized in the Dominican Republic? When is best time to go to marlin fishing? When is the best time for tuna? Where are the best fishing spots? You’ll know this and much more after reading this article.

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    Fishing in Dominicana

    Despite the abundance of fish in the sea and the ocean, the Dominican Republic has no fishing industry on an industrial scale. There is no developed fishing culture among Dominicans and so there are also no restrictions on catching fish in the Dominican Republic.

    The following types of fishing methods are used in the Dominican Republic:

    • Trolling - this method is used by those who hope to catch their big fish. From the boat, they throw a fishing line with a spinner or live lure that attracts large species of fish. In this way, they catch large reef fish, barracudas and marlins.
    • Bottom fishing (так называемая «донка») - is the fishing from the boats (float fishing). The bottom inhabitants of the ocean: flat-fish (flounder), moray eels and many others are caught in this way.
    • Fishing from the shore. Having simple gear, you can, of course, try to fish from the pier or cape. Near the shore you can catch small fish, such as sardines and other coastal fish. Sometimes you can also catch parrotfish and moray eel.

    Tourists are most often interested in trolling or ocean fishing for big fish, so later we will talk about them.

    Heading out to the open ocean, first of all make sure that the organizers - people are reliable with all the licenses (licensia de pesca), rescue equipment and necessary gear on board. The ocean does not forgive mistakes so do not book fishing with unfamiliar Dominicans on the beach. Put your trust in official travel agencies.

    Depending on the budget, you can choose the following fishing options:

    • Individual fishing (price from $500 for renting a yacht)
    • Fishing in an international group (price from $ 80 per person)
    • Go fishing as an accompanying observer. This option is suitable for those who do not want to fish on their own but would like to observe the process (the price is from $60 per person).

    Prices for fishing depend on the number of participants, the duration of fishing, and also on the type of fishing yacht. In the Dominican Republic, fishing vessel types include:

    1. Motor yacht - quite comfortable, with a cabin for rest, a toilet and a spacious deck.
    2. Motor boat - less spacious and comfortable (sometimes even without a toilet), but faster and more maneuverable than a yacht.

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    Big fish

    It is in the Atlantic Ocean that you can count on catching the most valuable species of fish. There are marlins, dorado, barracudas, tuna, and various kinds of sharks.

    Here are a few details of various types of fish:

    • White marlin is found throughout the Atlantic. The length it can reach 10 feet and by weigh 175 pounds. It is caught by the method of trolling on wobblers and sargan. It can be very aggressive once you have hooked it. That’s why white stripes appear on its body. You can expect catch white marlin from March and until the end of June.
    • Blue marlin is a deep-sea inhabitant of the ocean, swimming in tropical and temperate latitudes. As a rule, females are much larger than males and can weigh 1800 pounds. This species is capable of moving at a speed of up to 60 mi / h. Therefore, catching marlin can require good physical preparation. Summer is the best time for blue marlin.
    • Dorado. This fish is not very large and very common in the Atlantic. By weight it reaches 25 pounds and has a very beautiful coloring. It appears more often near the water surface and is caught all year round.
    • Yellowfin tuna. Another common species found in all oceans. Some fish reach 450 pounds and lengths of 8 feet. It swims closer to the ocean surface and actively hunts. It is caught by the trolling method and when caught, actively resists. From February to July is the best time for yellowfin tuna.
    • Sailfish. It is very fast, strong and aggressive. By weight it reaches 220 pounds When travelling at high speeds, the fish folds its fin-sail. From October to April is the best time for sailfish.

    рыбалка в доминикане фото 3Where to fish?

    Atlantic Ocean fishing is best from such places as

    • Las Terrenas and Las Galeras on the peninsula of Samana, near which in March one can observe a unique show: the mating games of humpback whales
    • Sosua
    • Playa Dorada
    • Puerto Plata
    • Punta Cana. This famous resort area is well located on the easternmost point of the island. The territory and its beaches are bordered by the Atlantic Ocean but it is not difficult to reach the sea coast: just an hour's drive - and you are at the Caribbean Sea.

    The best places for fishing in the Caribbean Sea are:

    • Bunny
    • Santo Domingo
    • Boca Chica
    • La Romana
    • Bayahibe
    • Catalina and Saona islands


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    The Caribbean Sea is not as rich in large marine predators as the Atlantic Ocean, but there is something you can fish. In fact a large coral reef, which is the habitat of many species of fish, stretches along the entire southern coast of the island.

    Real lovers of fishing from all over the world make their way to this shore to participate in the annual international fishing competition. One of the organizers of such competitions is the famous resort Casa de Campo in the city of La Romana. These events are held under the aegis of the IGFA (International Association of Sports Fisheries).

    In addition, such competitions are held annually in the towns of Boca Chica and Juan Dolio.

    What should you also know about ocean fishing?

    When going to ocean fishing, you should keep in mind the following:

    1. All fishing lasts at average of 4-5 hours, of which 2-3 hours can be spent on searching for a big fish.
    2. If you have never hunted for a big fish, remember that you will need all your fishing skills. Prepare yourself for some serious physical activity!
    3. Most often on fishing yachts, lunch is not included - the fact is that you will have absolutely no time for eating. But you will probably be offered alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Inquire when booking which drinks are included in the price of the tour.
    4. In the open ocean there are always big waves, even in good weather. Be sure to take motion sickness pills an hour before the tour.
    5. All your catch belongs to the team accompanying you, not because they are greedy guys but because you simply will not be allowed to bring 100-200 pounds of fresh fish to the hotel. However, the captain will gladly give you the fish if you agree to have it prepared in a fish restaurant. For example, the Capitan Cook restaurant in Bávaro, for only $ 15 per person, will cook your fish, as well as serve various salads, snacks, drinks and dessert. An excellent completion of a wonderful day.


    So, as you probably already figured out, fishing in the Dominican Republic is fun for real men. Only in the open ocean. Can you test yourself for strength and defeat the sea giant. Come! Catch your luck by the tail!

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