Excursion 27 waterfalls

    Perhaps, it's hard to imagine a more intense and vivid program than the excursion "27 waterfalls". If you were on vacation in the Dominican Republic, and it so happened that you can go only for one excursion, go to "27 waterfalls" – you won’t regret it! This tour became one of the most popular in the last few years and gathered a huge number of enthusiastic reviews.


    • To cover the most interesting sights of the Dominican Republic in one day, you will have to get up early. But believe me, the impressions you get from this trip are worth it. After all, the day starts with the fact that you will pass along the southern coast of the country and you will see how the waves of the Caribbean Sea break on the rocky shore, sparkling with bright splashes.
    • The route will continue with a sightseeing tour of the capital of the Dominican Republic - the city of Santo Domingo. You will learn all the fun about the history of the island, which is full of legends and mysteries, as well as the adventures of one of the most famous adventurers - Christopher Columbus.
    • From the south coast of the island to the north you will ride on a comfortable bus, admiring the delightful scenery of the most beautiful places of the Dominican Republic.

    экскурсия 27 водопадов

    This natural water park is created by nature itself and is located high in the mountains. Descent along the canyon involves three levels of difficulty: 7, 12 and 27 waterfalls. Tourists are invited to go down to 7 waterfalls, because other categories of descent are designed for very daring extreme sportsmen.


    • be over 8 years old
    • carry a bathing suit (if you have your own shower sandals, take them too)
    • wear a life jacket and helmet, which you will be given on the spot
    • follow the instructor's instructions

    Descent through the maze of waterfalls will fill you with impressions, refresh you and charge you with energy to continue the journey.

    экскурсия 27 водопадов

    • Next, you will again head toward the coast
    • Settling on the shore of a small fishing village of Punta Rossia, you will have dinner with a magnificent view of the ocean and enjoy delicious seafood.
    • After lunch, you will go by speedboat to the tiny island of Cayo Paraiso, so small that it is not even marked on the map. Its name literally translates as Paradise Island. Cayo Paraiso has the shape of a circle, and relaxing on it is ideal. A tiny piece of sushi in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by a beautiful coral reef - Impossible to forget!

    экскурсия 27 водопадов

    • All that you find on this island is a small awning with snorkel equipment. Armed with masks and fins, you will go exploring the stunning coral reef accompanied by a guide-instructor who will show you the most amazing and beautiful corners of this place.
    • In addition to bright corals of all shapes, colors and sizes, you can meet colorful tropical fish, turtles, sea stars, rays and many other amazing inhabitants of the reef. So a camera in a waterproof case will be very helpful.

    экскурсия 27 водопадов

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    • It’s a good idea to use your camera on the way back from the island - after all, the boat will travel through mangroves and beautiful backwaters.
    • After returning to shore, you will finally set off on the return journey. And on the road, you will before you a completely different Dominicana - drowning in the gentle sunset rays.
    • Return to the hotel by midnight is most likely. Tired, happy, with the feeling that this day was certainly worth living.

    Excursion "27 waterfalls" will allow you to visit the most beautiful corners of the Dominican Republic and experience vivid emotions. The price of this program is only $150 - it is a reasonable price for the impressions that you will keep for the rest of your life.

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