5 excursions, where you can see the Dominican Republic from on high


    Parasailing is nothing more than a parachute flight while being towed by a boat. Although this type of outdoor activity has appeared only recently, parasailing has already become very popular entertainment in most resorts in the world.

    The principle of parasailing is very simple: with the help of a long cable, the parachute carrying the rider is attached to a boat. As the boat develops speed, the parachute rises higher and higher.

    If the idea of flying up into the air frightens you, just remember, you need not do it alone. You can do it together in twos or even threes. By the way, the cost per person of flying on a triple-seat parachute is less than on a single-seat.

    Such a flight will be an unforgettable experience because from up high, you will have a stunning view of the coast and the surrounding area.

    Dominican Republic from on high

    Average flight duration: 10 minutes
    Height: 130 feet
    Limitations: Everyone can try parasailing, restrictions are only on weight: one must be at least 110 and not more than 280 pounds.
    Price: from $ 35 per person

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    Another great opportunity to soar above the world like a bird - is a flight on a paraglider.

    A paraglider is an ultralight aircraft. You control the paraglider through the use of two lines. Once you’re up there, you can stay up for hours, flying up to hundreds of miles.

    In the Dominican Republic, such flights are gaining popularity and today you can fly on a paraglider in different parts of the country.

    Usually, flights are made in the mountainous areas of the Dominican Republic such as Constanta, Jarabacoa, Barahona and Matua. They are quite a long way from the resort areas so many companies organize trips with an overnight stay at a hotel. But don’t think too much about the road trip which takes about 4 hours in one direction.

    The sensation of flying will certainly make you forget about any inconveniences. And besides, the mountainous provinces of the Dominican Republic are extraordinarily beautiful and another reason to go deep into the country.

    Dominican republic from on the hight

    During the paragliding flight, from a height of a thousand feet or even more, you can view beautiful landscapes, mountain valleys and pristine nature in all its splendor.

    If you have no experience flying a paraglider, then most likely, for the first few times, you will fly in tandem with an instructor. For those who want to learn this art in the Dominican Republic, there are several schools.

    • theory
    • Paraglider control lessons on the ground
    • Simple training flights that will teach you how to catch upflows and stay in the air longer

    Average flight duration: from 20 minutes to 4 hours. Everything depends on the weather conditions, your skill and desire.
    Height: 1100-1500 feet
    Restrictions: Any adult who has no problems with the cardiovascular system can fly a paraglider. Those under 18 can fly with the written permission from their parents.

    Price: from $ 85 per person


    A helicopter flight will give you a fantastic view of the white beaches of the coast with palm groves and hotel complexes, coral reefs and other landmarks of the Dominican Republic. Photographs taken from the air during a helicopter ride will forever be a reminder of your trip to the beautiful Dominican Republic.

    Helicopter trips in the Dominican Republic are organized by the Helidosa company on helicopters made by the Robinson and Bell companies. Usually they can accommodate from three to six passengers. The helicopter base is located in the resort area of Punta Cana and a shuttle service to the base is usually included in the cost of the flight. You can fly over the vicinity of Punta Cana or to one of the country's natural attractions.

    Dominican Republic from on high

    • Saona Island
    • Mount Redonda
    • Samana Peninsula and Cayo Levantado Island
    • La Hala waterfall

    Flight Duration: 10 to 60 minutes
    Height: 1,000 Feet
    Limitations: none – All are welcome
    Price: from $ 80 per person (children under 2 years old - free of charge)

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    Who among us didn’t dream of being in the pilot's seat of a real airplane one day? Dominican Republic is the place where dreams come true.

    After detailed instruction, you will fly at the helm of the aircraft under the guidance of an experienced pilot. This is an adventure that, without a doubt, you will remember for a long time.

    Duration: 1 hour
    Height: 10,000 feet
    Limitations: Aircraft management is a serious endeavor. A potential pilot must be at least 18 years old.
    Price: $ 500 per person. You can fly 2 people free as passengers.


    What can be more romantic than flying in a hot air balloon under the rays of a rising or setting sun? Experience these moving emotions with your soul mate. Such a trip would be a wonderful romantic surprise or a gift for the anniversary of a relationship – a present that would be remembered for life. Your view will be endless fields of sugar cane, hills, mountains, the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean!

    • Arrival to the departure point
    • Short briefing
    • Beginning of air travel
    • Landing
    • Champagne, light snacks and delivery of certificates

    By the way, the Dominican Republic is the only country in the Caribbean where it is possible to fly in a balloon. Do not miss this unique chance.

    Average flight duration: from 30 minutes to an hour.
    Height: 650 – 1,000 feet
    Restrictions: Passengers must be at least 8 years of age

    • from $ 250 (per adult)
    • from $ 200 (children 8-12 years old)

    • Private flight on a baloon: $ 1000
    Whichever way you choose to see the Dominican Republic from above the earth, it is certain that this experience will give you lasting impressions and will allow you to look differently at this amazing country in all its pristine beauty!


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