Diving in the Dominican Republic

    Dominican Republic is one of the most attractive places for underwater diving. After all, it is located on an island surrounded by coral reef, all sorts of caves and sunken ships. We will tell you about the best dive sites, prices, and diving centers in the Dominican Republic.


    • favorable climatic conditions: throughout the year the water temperature remains at from +77 to +86 degrees

    • The crystal clear water provides good visibility: between 15 - 50 yards

    • a variety of sites: underwater caves, grottos, coral gardens and shipwrecks

    • there are conditions for both beginners and professionals

    • there are many diving centers where you can learn to scuba dive and get your scuba diving certification


    In order to start diving, you need to take a training course. Special physical training is not required, however, there are agerestrictions: a beginner diver must be at least 10 years old

     diving in the Dominican Republic

    There are various training systems (PADI, SSI, IANTD) but for the most part, tourists are offered training in the PADI system (Professional Association of Diving Instructors).


    •  view training video

    •  safety briefing

    •  practical exercises in the pool

    •  immersion in open water

    • This introductory course is available in all diving centers and its cost will be around $100. The instructor in the pool will explain in detail how to use the mask, life jacket, and also show how to breathe underwater.

    Such basic exercises in the pool help novice divers feel more confident. It will make you feel more confident when diving in the ocean.


    If It seems to you that the introductory course is not enough and you would like to get the first certificate, then it is necessary to pass the PADI Open Water course. In different diving centers, this course lasts from 2 to 4 days and costs about $400.

    If you want to continue training, you can take the Advanced Open Water course which lasts 2-3 days and costs around $350.

    And if you are already an experienced diver and want to improve your skills, then the PADI Dive Master course is right for you.

    However, you will be required to successfully complete all previous courses in which divers are trained how to act in emergency situations and provide first aid.

    All people over 18 years of age who have a medical certificate and who have made at least 40 dives are accepted for training. The PADI Dive Master course costs around $800 and is the first step to professional diving.


    Many dive centers are concentrated in the resort area of Bávaro and Punta Canaand and many of them are located directly on the territory of hotels. The average price for one dive with equipment is $60. However, the cost can vary by individual programs.

    Most dive centers offer both group and individual diving. In some centers there are also programs that involve individual diving with an instructor who accompanies the client to the desired dive site.

    It is also recommended that you browse the programs and prices of different centers on the Internet, especially since many of them are equipped with colorful photos from dives.

    We‘ll name the most famous and highly recommended dive centers:

    • VIP Divers

    • Weiler Caribbean Sea

    • Happy Dive Center

    • SeaProDivers

    • Global Divers

    • Aqua Center


    At the start of training, dive centers organize training dives in the open sea near the shore. For first timers, the Bavaro and Punta Cana zone are perfect.

    But if you want to discover the entire fascinating underwater world, you need to go to the Caribbean coast which liessouth of Bavaro The best spots for diving are the Bayahibe and Catalina islands. We will give more details about them and about other popular diving places.

    diving in the Dominican Republic


    Near the island, there are two interesting locations:

    • The Catalina Wall is a reef wall covered with all types of sponges, corals, sea urchins, and other reef inhabitants.

    • • Aquarium - surrounded by bright tropical fish, you will feel like an inhabitant of a large aquarium

    • These sites have a depth of no more than 65 feet and are perfect for beginners.

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    This area is one of the best dive sites for amateurs to explore shipwrecks.

    After diving to a depth of 50 feet, you will find the sunken ship St.George. Nearby, there is another ship which has become home to a variety of marine life. You will be able to explore inside the ship: cabins, a hold, and the engine room.


    •  Padre Nuestro. Experienced divers will surely enjoy the long system of underwater caves with picturesque stalactites
    • La Cueva. Diving to the series of caves and tunnels at a depth of 25 to 42 feet. You will also have you the opportunity to get acquainted with stingrays and sharks.

    Locations with a diverse underwater fauna

    • Viva Shallow. This spot lies at depth of 15 -30 feet and is well protected by buoys from catamarans and boats and is also rich in the variety of the underwater world. Here you can meet stingrays, eels, octopuses, lobsters, and other examples of marine fauna.

    • Shark Point. Thrill-seekers can swim in the company of reef sharks approximately at a depth of 80 feet.

    • Stingray Point. If you dive at a depth of about 50 feet meters, you can observe electric rays. Many people want to grab a ray by the tail but we strongly recommend against this. The outcome of such a prank can be fatal


    Many nature lovers are eager to get to the Dominican Republic during the humpback whaling season to watch this amazingactivity. Often the question arises : is it possible to snorkel or dive with whales?

    In the Dominican Republic, it is prohibited by law. The situation is such that whales, during the mating and breeding period, are particularly sensitive. They are frightened by people and the noise of the air exhaled in the water. Therefore, be aware that anyone who offers such a service does it illegally.

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    Now you know all the essentials about diving in the Dominican Republic. Perhaps this is something that you would really like to try while on the island. It would be an unforgettable experience and open up a completely new, bright and interesting underwater world.

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