5 ways to celebrate a birthday in Dominicana

    Celebrate this day in a tropical paradise – what could be better?Learn exactly how to turn this day in Dominicana into an unforgettable memory.

    If you want to celebrate this day in Dominicana, we recommend that you start preparing for it early. Many hotels in Dominicana provide complimentary gifts to their guests on their birthday:

    • decorated rooms
    • a bottle of rum or champagne and a fruit plate
    • a birthday cake
    • room upgrades at check-in

    So, you should consider these possibilities before deciding on a hotel and should inquire about the availability of these extras. It’s important to notify them in advance of the event – before you book a room.

    But what else would make you happy on this day? Continue reading to see the list we’ve compiled.


    A birthday in Dominicana 2

    Head for the most popular club in Punta Cana to celebrate your day – you’ll be glad you did! Because Coco Bongo is all about great shows and fun parties. It’s not for nothing that this chain of nightclubs is famous the world over.

    Awaiting you is a great sound system filling the air with the latest rhythms, a show with bright costumes, acrobatic tricks, celebrity impersonators and much more, all shown on a big screen.

    Become immersed in an atmosphere of unrestrained fun. This party will be a great gift and will fill you with positive energy!

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    День рождения в Доминикане 2

    Another great way to celebrate a birthday with friends – head out with your friends on an exciting sea journey aboard a private catamaran. The azure waves, picturesque coastline, swimming in beautiful lagoons and inlets, Latin rhythms and a glass of champagne will turn this day into a real holiday.


    A birthday in Dominicana 6

    This spa program is sure to appeal to true romantics and to those who would like to spend an unforgettable evening with their other half. Besides, you’ve been working hard and hard work is tiring – so treat your body to total relaxation amid the sound of the surf and in the company of your dearest. Moonlight, breaking waves, a bottle of wine and tropical fruit create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic and festive evening.

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    A birthday in Dominicana 5

    Our whole lives, we’re learning. Your next birthday would be the perfect occasion to acquire a new skill. In Dominicana, you have a great opportunity to become a professional explorer of the deep, blue sea, tame the waves, and even try your hand at piloting an airplane.


    Receive your first international diving certificate - PADI Open Water Diver. In just 3 days of training, you can become a certified diver which allows you to dive on your own. The course includes video lessons, several training sessions in a pool and 4 dives in either the sea or the ocean.


    Head to the surfing school at Macao beach where you can not only learn the art of maneuvering the surfboard amid the waves but spend some active and fun time on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Bavaro – Punta Cana area.


    There are surely those among you who have, at least once, dreamed to sit in the pilot’s seat of an airplane. Dominicana is a magical place where even your wildest dreams can come true.

    Piloting an aircraft under the guidance of an experienced instructor will be an unforgettable experience as you enjoy the beauty of Dominican landscapes from on high.

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    A birthday in Dominicana 5

    Have a birthday celebration in the company of real dolphins, stingrays, seals and sharks during your visit to the famous dolphinarium “Dolphin Explorer”. All the animals are located in their natural environment in a specially protected area of the ocean.

    They are looking forward to your visit and the chance to play and swim with them. Let a friendly dolphin greet you with his fins and give you a kiss. The festive mood will delight both adults and children.

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    Write us and we will tell you even more ideas about how to celebrate a birthday in Dominicana.


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