The Best in the Dominicana

    ominicana – such a colorful, unique country. And so you want to take from her the very best, especially if you have only a week or two to get to know her. In this article we have compiled all the best of the Dominican Republic.

    Best resorts

    In all, there are three regions in the Dominican Republic which you can choose for your holiday - north, south, and east. Here are the best resorts in each of these regions:


    Puerto Plata Resort

    The hotels are located in the vicinity of the ancient and picturesque city of Puerto Plata - the largest city on the north coast. Going to these places, you can enjoy the picturesque nature of the northern part of the island, beautiful beaches and the most interesting sights of this region - such as:

    • Mount Isabel and the Statue of Christ
    • Medieval fort
    • Amber Museum
    • 27 waterfalls
    • Paradise Island of Cayo Paraiso
    • Samana Peninsula

    Those who love the nightlife can light it up in the little towns of Sosua and Cabarete, only half an hour's drive from Puerto Plata.


    La Romana Resort

    The main feature of the southern resorts is that they are located not on the Atlantic like the rest but on the Caribbean Sea. Among them is the resort of La Romana with its magnificent five-star hotels. In addition, the resort is famous for its clean beaches with snow-white sand.

    La Romana features golf courses, horseback riding and excursions in the style of jeep safari. The existence of a coral reef near the shore provides great opportunities for lovers of diving and snorkeling.

    The main advantage of this resort is that it is located next to the Eastern National Reserve, which includes the islands of Catalina, Catalinita and the famous island of Saona.

    Best in Dominicana


    Punta Cana Resort

    Among the variety of resorts in the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana is the largest and, perhaps, the best resort in the country. Here, a magnificent sandy beach stretches for many miles. It was this that inspired developers to create here a real tourist paradise..

    By the way, Punta Cana is the youngest and, therefore, the newest resort.

    All the hotels located in Punta Cana have huge territories on which you can find everything for an interesting and relaxing holiday. Many “all inclusive” restaurants, bars, swimming pools, entertainment and evening shows – simply impossible to be bored.

    In addition, here you will find the widest choices of entertainment and excursions: And much more!• Golf

    • Fishing
    • Yacht charter
    • Discotheques
    • Diving
    • The Dolphinarium
    • Amusement park
    • Flights by helicopter, 
    airplane and even hot air balloon
    • Parasailing
    • Surfing
    • Trips to the most interesting sights of the country

    And much more!

    The best beaches

    Did you know that the sand on the Dominican beaches does not heat up even on the hottest day? Walking on the beaches of the Dominican Republic is comfortable in all weather. There are many beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic, of course, but we have compiled the best. Here they are:


    This beach Is consistently rated as one of of the best beaches in the world and deservedly so. This paradise is located on the territory of the exclusive residence of Cap Cana.

    It is always quiet and serene with no crowds of tourists. You can really enjoy this fabulous place.

    Playa Grande

    This beach, like Juanillo, is among the ten best beaches in the world. But to call this place quiet and serene doesn’t seem right because the beach is located in the north of the island where the waters of the Atlantic are raging. And so it’s only natural that lovers of big waves as well as those who have mastered surfing and kiting are attracted to this place.

    The beach is extremely popular with divers - nearby are underwater caves, coral reefs and even sunken ships.

    Best in Dominicana

    Alexander Raevsky photographer

    Macao Beach

    The combination of beautiful turquoise water, white sand and majestic rocks attracts nature lovers to this place. The beach is completely surrounded by palm trees making it a picturesque and very romantic place.

    On windy days there are moderate size waves which are ideal for beginners.

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    Best Excursions


    This paradise is a must-visit island for anyone who is fortunate enough to be in the Dominican Republic. Cutting through azure waves, a high-speed boat will send you on an exciting journey across the Caribbean Sea.

    Bathing in the Blue Lagoon awaits you as does making your acquaintance with real starfish and, of course, a blissful relaxation on the exclusive beaches of Saona Island.

    Santo Domingo

    You will not find more information about the Dominican Republic than on this excursion. Fascinating stories await you about the Taino Indians, the adventures and discoveries of Christopher Columbus, medieval legends and pirate tales.

    On this excursion you will visit a picturesque cave, stroll through the cozy streets of the old city, visit the National Pantheon, the First Cathedral of America and the Columbus Lighthouse. Without a doubt, this excursion will leave you with a great many impressions of the Dominican capital.


    The province of Samana is a unique peninsula in the north of the Dominican Republic. Due to the peculiarities of the microclimate, one can observe here a real riot of tropical nature. To see it in all its glory - head to the Los Haitises reserve.

    Striking tree-like mangrove forests, as well as islands of rocks sticking out of the water, are home to a variety of species of birds. You will see nesting herons, pelicans and frigates while you enjoy the picturesque landscapes.

    Best in Dominicana

    And while on Samana, you can take a horseback ride to the El Limon waterfall and swim in its refreshing waters.

    Also on Samana, you will find the pirate island of Cayo Levantado and Bacardi beach.

    From January to March in Samana Bay, you can see the real mating games of Humpback Whales in the wild.

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    Best night clubs

    If you love not only the beach, nature and travel, but also like to party the night away, then be sure to visit one of these Dominican clubs:

    Coco Bongo

    Coco Bongo is an international network of nightclubs that originated in Mexico. As of now, there are only three such clubs in the world and one of them has been operating for several years in Punta Cana. Currently, Coco Bongo is the most popular nightclub in the east of the Dominican Republic.

    Unforgettable shows with bright costumes, performances by celebrity impersonators, acrobatic tricks all shown live on the big screens will overwhelm your senses!

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    The Oro Club is located in one of the best hotels in Punta Cana - the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana.

    Here, you can listen to the latest music and the parties are accompanied by a bright light show. Be sure to keep current with the entertainment schedule because the Oro club often holds concerts world famous celebrities: such as Inna, David Guetta, Daddy Yankee, Juanes and many others.


    Best in Dominicana



    Usually caves are associated with things mysterious, frightening and gloomy. The Imagine club breaks these stereotypes. It is, in fact, located in one of Punta Cana's largest caves!

    Performances of famous DJs, great acoustics and the cave itself give Imagine club an ambiance unlike any other club in the world.

    Best souvenirs

    What to bring home from the Dominican Republic? There are many wonderful things in this country but you can’t take them all home in a suitcase. So, we must take with us the best:

    Mama Juana

    What is Mama Juana? It is a national Dominican tincture of herbs of which the main ingredients are rum, wine and honey. Of course, the rum itself is wonderful in the Dominican Republic but rum is also found in other countries. But Mama Juana you will not find anywhere else. Bring home a couple of bottles – you’ll be glad you did.


    Another Dominican exclusive. They are made, using the most valuable component of cocoa beans - healthful cocoa butter. The drink cooked from them tastes great in addition to having medicinal and nutritional properties.

    On our website you will find a variety of ways to prepare cocoa from cocoa balls.

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    Even the cheapest Dominican coffee (Santo Domingo) can compete with the many famous coffee brands. What can we say about elite varieties of coffee grown in the fertile valleys and highlands of the Dominican Republic? Be sure to indulge yourself with this fragrant and delicious drink.

    Decorations with Larimar

    Take away a piece of Dominican Republic in the form of this beautiful and unique type of gem. It’s a fact that larimar is not found anywhere else in the world. With its azure patterns, this blue stone will remind you of the best moments on the Caribbean island.

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