5 Best Excursions for Children


    Manati Park is a whole entertainment complex near the resorts of Punta Cana. Above all, the park is known for its flora and fauna. There is a picturesque garden with orchids and other tropical plants on its territory.

    In addition, in Manati Park there is a pool with dolphins and sea lions andarea with exotic animals. It will be very interesting to visit the Taino Indians museum where you can get acquainted with the life of Indian tribes – the aboriginal inhabitants of the Island.

    Animals such as iguanas, caymans and snakes as well as birds - talking parrots, flamingos and many others will greatly delight your children.

    The entertainment program for children in Manati Park includes:

    • swimming with dolphins in a special pool under the supervision of professional instructors

    • show of parrots on rollers

    • show of trained horses

    • performance of Indians where visitors will get acquainted with aboriginal culture and dances

    In the park you will also find a lot of cozy places for a little snack: restaurants,barbecue, pizzeria, snack bar, confectionery.

    In short, in Manati Park in the Dominican Republic, everything is planned so as to provide an interesting time for the whole family.

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    best excursions for children

    Another place that gives you and your children a great opportunity to get to know the sea inhabitants is the dolphinarium - Dolphin Explorer. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that dolphins live in the ocean on a specially enclosed territory, in a natural environment for them

    Depending on the chosen program, you will be able to swim with dolphins, rays, seals and even sharks!

    It is important to know that some programs in the dolphinarium have limitations on height and age. Pregnant women also are not allowed to join this activity. In most programs, swimming with dolphins is allowed for children from 40 inches in height who know how to swim.

    For children from 1 year, the dolphinarium offers a special program during which children, accompanied by adults, can watch a dolphin show, pat these wonderful animals and even feel a dolphin's kiss on their little cheeks.

    In the dolphinarium, you can also take a scenic ride along the coastline, during which you will have the opportunity to swim with a mask and fins on a coral reef. In addition, all visitors of the park are invited to an exciting show with parrots and fur seals.

    Undoubtedly, this is one of the best excursions for children in the Dominican Republic.


    Monkey Land Park is located in the vicinity of Punta Cana not far from most hotels in the Bavaro resort area. It is very convenient as the trip to the park does not take much time which means the children will not have time to get bored.

    The park itself is very beautiful and well-kept with a variety of tropical trees, flowers and shrubs. The park is home for 16 tame monkeys and you can play with them, take pictures and even feed them from your hand.

    These charming little animals were brought to the island by a Canadian couple who had extensive experience in communicating with and training animals. From birth monkeys live near people so they are extremely friendly and completely safe. All kids, without exception, will be completely delighted with the monkeys

    In addition to playing games and taking pictures with the animals in the park, you can also visit the "coconut house" where they will tell and show you how they produce coconut oil, coffee and cocoa.


    Adventure Park occupies an area of over 100 acres, in which there are attractions of varying degrees of complexity.

    A visit to a real dinosaur park will be a real delight for kids - Jurassic Adventure Dinosaur World. Mysterious paths wander through a tropical jungle, wind among the dense thickets from which now and then appear gigantic figures of dinosaurs. These designs look very realistic.They not only move but also produce characteristic sounds.

    Kids are offered to take part in the excavations, the purpose of which is to find hidden in the sand, dinosaur bones and eggs with cubs. The winner is awarded a special prize.

    For teenagers and adults there are the following attractions in the park:

    Ziplajn Skywalker - flights on cables stretched between towers

    • Rope Ship "Treasure of the Caribbean" - a huge complex of cable obstacles over which only the strongest can pass.

    • Segway - two-wheeled electric "scooters"

    • Paintball – Everyone’s favorite, "wargame” with the use of weapons loaded with balls of paint

    • The flight simulator is an attraction where you will be lifted to a height of several dozen yards where you can feel the whole charm of the flight

    • Zorbing "Mad Ball" - descent from the mountain inside a huge inflatable ball!

    • Bungee Trampoline "Crazy Jumper" - jump from the center on a huge trampoline

    • Mountain bike - cycle track for lovers of extreme sports

    • Buggy - a trip through the park and along the Atlantic coast

    Also in the park there are several ornamental gardens, a swimming pool with an artificial waterfall and a children's playground. If you go there for the whole day, you can have a snack in the restaurant located at the entrance as well as visit the Souvenir Shop.

    An international team works in the park which monitors the safety of all attractions. It will be interesting for adults and children alike.


    A trip to the aqua park is a can’t lose choice which will keep your child occupied for the whole day. Some hotels in Punta Cana can boast of a full-fledged water park. You can either book a room in one of these hotels or visit the water park for an additional fee.

    The water park is located on the territory of the five-star hotel Sirenis Punta Cana and has an area of more than an acre.

    Visitors to the aqua park have a lot of entertainment:

    • 4 open slides

    • main swimming pool

    • "kamikaze" slide

    • a whirlpool slide

    • water slides (4 sloping strips of 100 yards in length)

    • restaurant area with hamburgers, pizza and grill

    • a children's area in the style of "Pirates of the Caribbean" with 10 small slides, water cannons, upside down barrels and fountains

    • Children's pool with rain “mushrooms” and animal figures

    There is another hotel with a good water park – the five-star hotel Memories Splash, located on the second line of Arena Gorda beach. This cozy hotel with a green area is very popular with tourists and children.

    There is a lot of entertainment in the large water park Splash Park: slides, cascades, bridges. Also, the hotel has 3 swimming pools for children and a kid”s club.

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    This water park was opened just recently - at the end of 2016. It is built on the territory of the resort RIU Hotels & Resorts. The infrastructure of the new water park includes

    • Children's pool with slides

    • Special attractions for children

    • Solarium

    • Bar with soft drinks, juices and mineral water

    • Recreation area with sun loungers

    In the water park there are also attractions for adults:

    • Body Vortex enclosed water slide

    • Kamikaze” slide with a steep vertical drop

    • Water slide with free fall which will give you an unforgettable feeling of direct flight to the pool


    If you are traveling with an older child, andhe is ready to take a trip for a day, then be sure to take one of the following tours:

    A sea trip to the island of Saona. During the stop in the blue lagoon, your child can hold in his hands real starfish and have plenty of time to swim in the Caribbean Sea.

    Trip around the Dominican Republic in jeeps - usually children are delighted with the journey around the island. In addition, during this excursion you will see how ordinary Dominicans live, get to know the local culture, see for yourself how exotic fruit and vegetables, coffee, cocoa and sugar cane grow. This extremely informative excursion is great for children from 7 years old.

    • Samana Peninsula. This most picturesque corner of the Dominican Republic, of course, will amaze children's imagination with its dense tropical forests, waterfalls and horseback riding. And from January to March young travelers will have an unforgettable introduction to humpback whales.

    • Adventure for small cowboys - a trip to the ranch where your child will be taught to sit on horseback. They will show how to take care of horses and also get acquainted with the inhabitants of the mini-zoo. A short and easy excursion is suitable for children from 4 years old.

    As you can see, the Dominican Republic offers a very wide choice of entertainment for travelers of all ages which means you definitely will not be bored. Your vacation with your children will be long remembered if you book one or more of the excursions described above.

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