Best Beaches in the Dominican Republic for your wedding or photo shoot

    Dominican Republic is a stunningly beautiful country. Very often, newlyweds choose here for wedding ceremonies, and the girls - for photo sessions. Indeed, the photos taken here could be used on advertising posters.

    In this article, we describe in detail which Dominican Republic beaches are best suited for photo shoots.

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    Macao Beach


    Macao Beach is just a 15-25 minute drive from the main resort area of Bavaro - Punta Cana, a 15-minute drive from the hotel Uvero Alto area.


    This beach is perfect for different kinds of photo shoots. The ocean here has a stunning turquoise color with waves endlessly rolling up to the shore.

    At Macao beach there is a wide choice of picturesque locations for filming: a palm grove, palm trees leaning precariously over the water, cliffs and of course, the beach itself.

    Macao Beach – is open to the public and on the weekend may be quite crowded. Many excursions stop here every day (safari, buggies, etc.). On the coast there are several surf schools and many small cafes. 

    Macao does not have a typical Caribbean beach of white sand. Still the beach is very popular with photographers.

    Our recommendations

    We definitely recommend this beach for the usual photo shoots. Best times for lighting when shooting at Macau - before 11 am and after 3 pm.

    When it comes to weddings, we strongly suggest a private beach if you want to avoid your wedding attracting the attention of curious tourists in bathing suits and surfers with their boards.

    If you ever find yourself on Macau, be sure to try the freshly prepared fish in one of the local cafes!

    Cabeza de Toro Beach


    The beach is in the area of the hotel of the same name Cabeza De Toro, 15-20 minutes by car from the resort area of Punta Cana - Bavaro and a 30 minute drive from the area Uvero Alto.

    Note: if you are offered a photo session or a wedding ceremony on the beach: Amor, Amor De Costa, Tropical, Karibean, Hummingbird Dreams - these are different names for the same beach!


    A big plus for this beach is that it is truly private. The nearest hotel t is a 30 minute walk so it is unlikely you will bump into tourists. This beach is perfect for weddings because here no one will disturb you.

    On the other hand on the beach Cabeza de Toro , the turquoise Caribbean water may not please you. Algae begins to grow close to the shore giving the water a darker shade. In addition, tidal currents sometimes leave the surface of the water covered with seaweed.

    Our recommendations

    If you are planning a wedding in the Dominican Republic on the beach Cabeza de Toro, you must ask the organizers exactly what beach are they are referring to. At one spot, the arch is placed with a background of the sea and palm trees, and at the other spot, it is possible to place it only at the edge of the water.

    In addition, the whole beach is divided into small "private beaches", which are rented for ceremonies and photo sessions. The beaches are separated by fences with some 50 meters from the water while others are only 20. If neighboring "private beach" is also holding a wedding ceremony or photo session, you will almost certainly interfere with each other.

    If you are not planning a wedding but an ordinary photo shoot, we recommend you give preference to the Macao beach.



    The beach is located in the gated community of Cap Cana, 25-30 minutes from the Punta Cana resort area - Bavaro and a 40 minute drive from UveroAlto zone.


    This beach is easily tops the hit parade of Dominican beaches for photo shoots!

    Moreover, for 10 years in a row, Juanillo has ranked in the top 10 best beaches in the world thanks to its white sand and stunning turquoise Caribbean Sea. Another plus - there are never many people, as this beach is located on territory closed to residents of Cap Cana.

    This beach is suitable for romantic weddings and photo shoots as well as fashion shoots. There are several restaurants with satisfactory amenities and levels of service where you can enjoy Caribbean cocktails or dine after a photo shoot

    Our recommendations

    If you plan to stay after a photo shoot on the beach, inform the photographer in advance so that he can plan your time and arrange for you to get back to the hotel: with the photographer or by taxi.

    The cost of a taxi from the beach Juanillo to the main resort area of Punta Cana - Bavaro is about $30-40.
    Rental space at this beach is higher than in other locations.

    Keep in mind that from noon to 3:00 a catamaran with holiday travelers having fun makes beach stops - not the best backdrop for your wedding :)

    пляж доминикана фото


    Bavaro Beach

    Where is it

    The beach is part of the main coastline of the resort area of Punta Cana - Bavaro, Uvero Alto area, a 25 minute drive.


    This is due primarily to the fact that the beach is in close proximity to most of the hotels so you can save on transfers. From some hotels you can get here by foot!

    Most often, a photo shoot on the beach Bavaro takes place in the vicinity of the picturesque pier which often has pirate ship excursions floating nearby (between hotels and Now Larimar whala Bavaro).

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    From here you can see the stunning sunsets and if you want a photo shoot on a background of the rising sun, this is the place to be..

    Here there is white sand and turquoise ocean and so this beach is very popular with photographers. But to hold weddings here is difficult due to the crowds. 

    Our recommendations

    If the photographer suggests you walk to the beach, be sure to ask how much time you will need. From 11 to 2, the beach is very hot so do not plan a photo session at this time, or stock up on sunscreen.


    пляжи в доминикане фото


    Saona Island

    Where its located

    Saona Island is located in the south eastern part of the Dominican Republic. It is relatively easy to reach from the resort area of Punta Cana, Uvero Alto, La Romana, Boca Chica and Bayyaibe. Travel time depends on exactly how you travel to the island (motor boat, catamaran, helicopter, etc.) and may take from 45 minutes to 3 hours.


    Photo shoot on the island of Saona - this whole romantic trip! There will be the Caribbean Sea, starfish and white sand, and palm trees hanging over the azure water. The island is really similar to what we see in the bounty of promotional pictures. You will not be disappointed.

    How to get there

    • Large sailing catamaran for 50 people. Most of the time, the catamaran is transporting an international group. The catamaran to Saona departs twice an hour.
    • Speed boat for a group of 25 people. The boat gets you to Saone in about 40 minutes. If you are afraid of pitching, get in the back of the boat but be prepared to get splashed.
    • Private motorboat - the most common option to reach the island. When booking an individual motor boat, please specify its dimensions: the cost difference between a small plastic boat for 6-8 people and a large and comfortable boat for 12 people is only 60 USD, but a trip in the larger boat will be much more pleasant.
    • Private yacht. The cost of renting yachts ranges from 900 USD to 400.000 USD per day. The boat can reach Saone in about an hour and a half , depending on the wind.
    • Helicopter. The helicopter can reach the island in just 40 minutes and you are guaranteed not to get wet nor spoil your hairdo. From up here, you can admire the beauty of the Caribbean with a bird's-eye view.

    Our recommendations

    If you are planning a wedding in the Saona Island, be sure to check with the organizer as to when your transfer will take place. If you are sailing on the same boat with the team and the organizers of the scenery, they will immediately upon arrival begin assembling the wedding arch, during which you go to a photo shoot. If you go to the island in a private boat only with the photographer, then by the time of your arrival, the installation of scenery will have been finished, and you can immediately begin the ceremony.

    фотосессия в доминикане фото

    свадьба в доминикане


    Playa Dominicus

    Where it is

    The beach is a 45-minute drive from the main resort area of Bavaro - Punta Cana and 1 hour drive from the hotel Uvero Alto area.


    Dominicus Beach is located on the Caribbean Sea. The sun sets in the sea here, so this beach is ideal for photo sessions at sunset.Wedding ceremonies are not held here as there is very narrow beach. The big plus is that on the Caribbean coast, there is almost never any algae.

    Our recommendations

    Even if you choose a different location for a photo shoot be sure to visit Dominicus Beach for a fantastic sunset!

    пляжи в доминикане фото 2


    Where it is

    This beach is located approximately 1 hour's drive from the main area kurotnoy Punta Cana - Bavaro.


    Very often, tourists are advised to visit the beach Lemon as part of a photo shoot on the mountain Redonda. This is a large wild beach with big waves and completely deserted. The downside is that the sand is yellow. In addition, the beach is so wild that it is not always clean.

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    Our recommendations

    If you still decide to hold a wedding ceremony on the beach Lemon, negotiate with the organizers so that they will arrange a place to house your wedding arch and hold a photo shoot.

    пляж в доминикане фото 2


    We very much hope that this article has been helpful to you, and you get an idea of where you are and look like the best beaches in the Dominican Republic for weddings and photo shoots. If you still have questions, please email us and we will be happy to advise you on the most beautiful beach!


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