Different Dominican Republic: Barahona and the Eagles Bay

In this article, we will talk about hidden and wild regions of the Dominican Republic, rarely visited by tourists. If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the touristic areas and intrusive souvenir vendors, and would like to see an absolutely different Dominican Republic, take a trip to the south west of the country.


La Romana touristic area in the Dominican Republic: airport, hotels, tips

La Romana is not only a province of the Dominican Republic, but also an airport, a city where the airport is situated, and a place where commercial production of rum started. The name of this province is associated with so many remarkable things! We will try to tell you about them in this article.


Everything you need to know about renting a car in the Dominican Republic

Everything you need to know about renting a car in the Dominican Republic - what documents are needed to rent a car in the Dominican Republic, how much it costs, and what you need to look out for on Dominican roads - We talk about all this in the article.


Journey through the Dominican Republic by car: advice for tourists

In this material, we will talk about the most interesting places where tourists would rarely go on foot.


Everything you didn’t know about Starfish. Surprising facts!

If you are in the Dominican Republic, don’t pass up the chance to visit the Blue Lagoon and get to know its beautiful and unusual inhabitants. In this article, you will find all the surprising facts about them.


Symbols of Dominicana

What do the Bible, Bayahibe rose and the song "The Brave Sons of Kiskeya" have in common ? The Dominican Republic has had its independence for three centuries. Dominicans value their freedom, the path to which was long and thorny. That is why the national symbols of their homeland are treated with such respect.


5 ways to celebrate a birthday in Dominicana

Learn exactly how to turn this day in Dominicana into an unforgettable memory.


The Best in the Dominicana

Dominicana – such a colorful, unique country. And so you want to take from her the very best, especially if you have only a week or two to get to know her.


All you need to know about the Dominican drink Mama Juana: ingredients, recipe, properties

Every nation has its own national drink. For the Dominican Republic, this drink is Mama Juana.


5 Simple Steps to Lose Weight for your Vacation

Want to walk on the beach in the Dominican Republic in an open bikini? Only 5 steps separate you from the dream figure!


Famous movies filmed in the Dominican Republic

Below we have compiled a list of the most cinematic places in the Dominican Republic and a list the most famous films which, upon viewing them, will whisk you off to this tropical paradise.


Dominican sankocho – you haven’t tried it ??

In this article, we will reveal to you the secret of preparing the most delicious Dominican soup with the mysterious name "sankocho".


Excursion 27 waterfalls

This natural water park is created by nature itself and is located high in the mountains. Descent along the canyon involves three levels of difficulty: 7, 12 and 27 waterfalls.


Surfing in the Dominican Republic

From this article you will learn everything you need to know about surfing in the Dominican Republic: where to start, where are the prices, is it possible to stand on the board after 1 day, where do the legendary instructors teach surfing, and where to find the best waves.


Everything you would like to know about Dominican Republic

Everything you would like to know about Dominican Republic


10 facts about the seasons in Dominicana that every tourist should know.

What is the monthly weather like in the Dominican Republic - we give a detailed forecast for each month of the year. Now you will know exactly when's the best time for your Dominican Republic vacation.


12 resorts of the Dominicana and how they differ

So you would like to select a resort in the Dominican Republic that’s right for you. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We promise that by the time you get finished reading these descriptions, you will have no questions or doubts about what’s the best resort in the Dominican Republic for you.


Dominican cuisine

About the most popular dishes of the Dominican cuisine, what and when they eat the Dominicans, what kind of desserts and fruits are worth a try: all of this will tell this article.


Fishing in the Dominican Republic

Fishing in the Dominican Republic is a good opportunity to test yourself in the open-ocean and catch the biggest fish! We will talk about how to organize fishing in the Dominican Republic, when it is better to go for marlin or tuna fishing, and where the most fishy places are.


Dominican Cigars

Making cigars is a real art. We will explain the details of this process as well as how to choose the best Dominican cigars, where to buy them, and what they cost.


Diving in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is one of the most attractive places for underwater diving. After all, it is located on an island surrounded by a coral reef, all sorts of caves and sunken ships. We will tell you about the best dive sites, prices, and diving centers in the Dominican Republic.


Dominican Rum

True connoisseurs of this drink know that Dominican rum is considered the best in the world. We'll help you sort out the pricing and variety of brands of this drink as well as restrictions on the export of rum from the country


Discotheques in the Dominican Republic: 5 most lively places!

As at any resort, Punta Cana opens for its guests gates into a world of all forms of entertainment. Nightlife here is in full swing and you’ll love the variety.


11 things to do in the Dominican Republic

If you are in the Dominican Republic, enjoy your vacation to the max! Do everything to make your Dominican holidays unforgettable.


Coffee from the Dominican Republic

Dominican coffee is a drink that reflects the colorful character of this country. Many tourists bring home coffee from the Dominican Republic as a souvenir so we are going to tell you which coffee is better, how much different brands of coffee cost and where best to buy it.


5 Best Excursions for Children

Dominican Republic is one of the few tropical places where one can afford a safe, amazing and interesting vacation with children. In this article we will offer the best excursions for children in the vicinity of Punta Cana.


5 excursions, where you can see the Dominican Republic from on high

We will tell you about a variety of ways to get a bird’s eye view of the Dominican Republic. Try it! It may be the best view you’ve ever seen.


7 Best Hotels with Waterparks in the Dominican Republic.

When planning a vacation with children, choosing the right hotel is not so simple. We have compiled a list of the best hotels with aquaparks where you and your children will find it impossible to be bored.


7 Best Hotels for Young People in the Dominican Republic

If you are young, active and planning the vacation of your dreams, then this list is specially for you. The best hotels in the Dominican Republic would like to invite you to a whirlwind of fun and entertainment.


Hurricanes in the Dominican Republic

Many tourists are concerned about hurricanes in the Dominican Republic because nobody wants to wind up in the epicenter of a one during the holidays. In this article we will tell you everything that we know about hurricanes in the Dominican Republic.


What to take home from the Dominican Republic? Rum, Coffee, Cocoa, Cigars

In this article, we talk about the most popular souvenirs that you can bring home from the Dominican Republic. Delicious souvenirs are a distinguishing feature of the Dominican Republic.


Whales in the Dominican Republic: Interesting Facts!

Whales in the Dominican Republic. A whale tour is considered to be one of the most interesting excursions in the world. Be sure to read these crazy facts about whales.


Best Beaches in the Dominican Republic for your wedding or photo shoot

Couples often choose beaches in the Dominican Republic for weddings and photo sessions. We will explain to you all the pros and cons of the most popular beaches in the Dominican Republic.


How to cook cocoa from the Dominican Republic?

How to cook the most delicious and aromatic cocoa from the Dominican Republic? We tell you what to do with cocoa balls, how Aztec cocoa was prepared and the benefits of the drink.


Excursion to the Dominican Republic’s Samana Peninsula in all its glory!

If you go to the Samana peninsula, the Dominican Republic opens up to the most vivid and unexpectedly exciting views. After all, this is the most picturesque province of the country.


Dominican Larimar

What treasures lay hidden in the bowels of the Dominican mountains? What magical properties does Dominican larimar possess? What kind of traditions are associated with it? - Read about it in our article.


Saona and Katalinita islands - promotional pictures in the Dominican Republic!

The islands of Saona and Catalinita - here you can make the most stunning photos in the Caribbean. Surrounding will make you feel like you are in a pirate movie.


Weather in the Dominican Republic by months

What is the monthly weather like in the Dominican Republic - we give a detailed forecast for each month of the year. Now you will know exactly when's the best time for your Dominican Republic vacation.


The top tour in the Dominican Republic

This 3 most popular excursions in the Dominican Republic cover a small part of the natural wonders of the island but they are something every tourist should do!